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The Tranquil Time

This time between Christmas and New Year’s is always a laid back time in our house. There are left overs to be eaten. No meetings to go to. No deadlines. Mr C and I have been watching lots of movies that we download from Netflix, mainly subtitled foreign films that require my complete attention!!

I have spent some time in my studio and office and am happy to report that it is looking quite spiffy for the start of the new year. I have thrown all my silk fabrics in the colors for the next Twelve x Twelve  theme on to my work table. I must say Рthey make a glorious sight. I am not sure which ones will make it in to the final piece.

While I was cleaning up, I found my Flip Video camera that I bought on Black Friday. It is so tiny, I am going to have to be careful. I got it charged and set up, but that is as far as I have gotten. I hope to have some fun with it. Expect several goofy Scooter videos.

I am happy to report that Steph and family are all recovered from that crappy virus. She is planning a redo of Mia’s birthday celebration which was canceled due to her illness.

We are due to get some snow flurries tomorrow; it will be a relief from the incessant rain we have been experiencing. On Thursday, I have a conference call to start learning about and get training about administering the new SDA website which is to make its debut around the 15th of January.

So that is the news from tranquil Eastmoreland where we patiently await the new year. We are in better shape than this Santa that we saw on our walk in the neighborhood, yesterday.

If my photos seem different, it is because WordPress is unusually cranky tonight. Not sure what the problem is!

6 Responses to “The Tranquil Time”

  1. dee says:

    Wishing you a creative, and very healthy, New Year. Thanks for being such a wonderful friend. It means so much to me.

  2. rayna says:

    /Happy New Year and the tranquil time in between. Glad everybody’s healthy and back to normal. I bought a Flip camera the day before Xmas (total impulse buy) and it’s still in the packaging, so you’re ahead of me. Then I realized there’s nobody to take videos of moi. Sigh…I’ll have to recruit some friends.

  3. pam says:

    haha, poor Santa!! It’s great you’re getting your studio in shape, I’m making a move with mine and hope to have it up and running soon.
    We just watched My Neighbor Totoro, a Japanese cartoon redistributed by Disney. It’s old but very good and might be good for young kids. I’ll try it out on my family visiting this weekend.

  4. Brenda says:

    I needed you and your flip camera here at Copacaabana yesterday afternoon!

  5. Diane says:

    I’m with you — I love the quietness of this in between week. I consider it part of the holiday where all but necessary work is put off, and we can just enjoy being on vacation. Lots of reading, game playing, doing jigsaw puzzles, and movie watching. Enjoy the peace!

  6. KathieB says:

    I always enjoy the week between Christmas and New Years too. As nice as Christmas is, it’s also VERY NICE to have it over and done with. Happy sewing!