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My Exciting Life

I am feeling so much better that I have been spending the last two days doing some much needed cleaning. As many of you know, Mr C prefers to do our cleaning rather than have someone come in to do it. I hate regular housekeeping — dusting, vacuuming, etc. However, I can really get into scrubbing and purging various locations in the house. In the last two days, I have done the kitchen cabinets, the master bathroom cabinets, the pantry and the fridge. I also helped Mr C do some purging of the garage and it got power washed.

So, I have not done much studio work. I have done lots of hand stitching on the gray piece. I have to say that I love the piece so much. I am not sure if the value is working, but I don’t care because I love exploring the elements that I have included. I am looking forward to sharing it on July 12th.

I have enjoyed taking Scooter to the Rhodie Garden in the afternoons.

Today, Scooter went to visit the groomer and got his summer do.

A couple of days ago, he looked much chunkier!!

Tonight, we attended a dinner and lecture by Bishop Gene Robinson. He was the first openly gay priest to be elected a Bishop in the Episcopal Church. He is an incredibly gifted speaker and a man full of grace who is not afraid to speak the truth. Tonight he said he was going to do something his mother told him not to do — mix religion and politics. He spoke about his growing concern about the political climate in this country and how he wants the church to step up and speak out about the inequality — the concern that the poor are bearing the biggest burden of the downturn of our economy. I had just told Mr C this morning that I was so depressed with the crap that is happening in the Supreme Court and in Congress that I felt I was almost ready to pack up and leave for another country. Of course, I won’t. I will stick it out and hope the pendulum starts to swing back.

Sorry for the downer. Here is the gorgeous peony that was the centerpiece for our table tonight.

And, here are Jayme and Mark, kayaking in the San Juan Islands. Love this!!

4 Responses to “My Exciting Life”

  1. Judy says:

    Cute pics of your puppy!
    Yes, I too love Gene Robinson AND I too am not happy with the politics around here right now! ARGH

    I’m at Mom’s bedside – Hospice is now here 24/7, which is a huge relief to me.


  2. Karoda says:

    i concur with Connie!

  3. Connie Rose says:

    It may not be exciting all the time, Gerrie, but your life is a GOOD one. Thanks for sharing it with us. Hugs.

  4. Karen Rips says:

    My gray piece is so dark, i’m curious as to how it will read against everyone else’s. Looks like your son and DIL are having fun