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Quilt Rehab

Remember this piece? Beautiful bits of painted organza — total mess of a composition. It now is dismantled and lying in the heap you see above.

I realized when it was done that the proportions of my little pockets were off. I think they need to be square to get the kind of flow that I have in the other 2 pieces:

So I took it apart and trimmed the pockets and will now reassemble the piece. I am going to change the dimensions a bit, too.

I went to Fabric Depot today to buy a quilt basting gun for attaching the Twelve by Twelve quilts to the felt panels that Terry and I have been working on. She is sick today, but if she is well enough, we will get to work on them tomorrow.

While I was there, I started looking at fabric for a quilt for my great niece Gwen. She has orange, yellow and green in her room. I decided to do polka dots and stripes. The backing will be the white with multicolored dots in flannel.

Not sure when I will fit it in, but, sometimes doing mindless piecing is a stress reduce for me.

2 Responses to “Quilt Rehab”

  1. Yes, Gerrie Square Pockets. Not square pants.

  2. vicki miller says:

    Sometimes it’s good to do some sewing with colours that aren’t your norm, like these, too