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Allegro Redux

This is the new Allegro. I changed the size of the little pockets and the composition. Not sure it is an earthshaking piece of art, but it is much improved. Here is a detail:

Jayme, our daughter-in-law, is here visiting. She has been part of a research study that is looking at the life stresses of low income women during pregnancy and post pregnancy and the effect on the health of the child. There is a conference here in Portland with the theme of prenatal development. She is here to present during the poster section of the conference. We had a fun dinner with the whole Portland contingent of the family tonight.

4 Responses to “Allegro Redux”

  1. Connie Akers says:

    New version is very nice.

  2. Pamdora says:

    I like the new version better too. Nice movement of the lights and darks!

  3. Judy says:

    I’m liking what you’ve done with Allegro. Enjoy your time with Jayme. She is studying such an important issue!


  4. Jeannie says:

    Allegro really turned out well. I liked the previous iteration, but I really like this one. The way you have the lighter colored pockets scattered about really draws the eye to the piece as a whole. Well done!