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This and That

Monday, February 22nd, 2016


It has been an interesting few days since I last posted. I had all good intentions of celebrating my 11th blogiversary, but life got in the way. On Friday morning, Mr C had a TIA or mini-stroke and I spent a couple of days running back and forth from the ER and the hospital. It was minor and he recovered very quickly, but it was scary for a time.

Up above is a snippet of an old piece that I did for my Israel trip solo show, a few years ago. It is about the graffiti on the Palestinian side of the security wall. I thought it would work well for the SAQA turmoil show, but it was not quite big enough so I am mounting it on black dupioni silk. I quite like it. I think it gives it more presence.

Last night, Mr C and I had the fun experience of attending a chocolate tasting party with our friends who took a chocolate class at the London Cordon Bleu when they were living there. We had six different chocolates, 3 from France and 3 from Portland. They had varying amounts of cacao.


We were given sheets to keep notes on aroma, taste, texture and finish.



There was only one chocolate from Portland that we liked: Moonstruck. All of the French chocolates were divine.

After the tasting adventure, we got to dip our own truffles in tempered chocolate. Here is the tempering machine with the luscious chocolate.


Here are my truffles. I like the little swirls I got on the tops.


Cheryl packaged them up for us to take home.


Paige wants a purple sweater with Winnie the Pooh. I found a pattern and picked up the yarn, yesterday.


Day 4 and a Fix!

Friday, December 4th, 2015


Just a quick check in. I finished the unquilting on this and re-positioned the column parts that were driving me nuts and stitched them down. So much better.

Day 3!

Thursday, December 3rd, 2015


I was bothered by the odd placement of the background columns on this piece. I decided it could be an easy fix. I did the frog stitch (rip it, rip it) and removed the bottom of the offending columns and then lined them up with the tops. I will refuse them and requilt those area.


I will feel better about this piece because I think it is pretty good, otherwise.

On Monday, I got a call from the orthopedic PA that I have been seeing for the cortisone shots in my knees. I had emailed him last week to tell him that I am in constant pain and feel I need to pursue knee replacement. They wanted me to get new x-rays. I went down to the car to drive to the hospital yesterday morning and my battery was dead. I had left an overhead light on. I got AAA here to charge the battery. He said I needed to drive the car for 30- 45 minutes to charge it. So I drove around for 30 minutes and finally got to the hospital at 12:30. They took a bunch of x-rays of both knees. It was not fun.

This morning I got a call to come in and meet with a surgeon. So, Monday, I have an appointment. We shall see what comes of it.

Today, I had an appointment to get my a cut and color of my hair and Mr C had a dental hygienist appointment across town. So he dropped my off. My studio is in the same building so after my getting my hair done, I went up and cleaned up my studio and did some more work on this piece:


It is an assignment for my Master Class that I did not have time to finish. I will divulge more about this later, but suffice it to say that it is taking me lots of time to cur out all those little pieces.

Here is the view of what we call the Flying Geese bridge from studio.


I am now going to watch The Wiz and knit.

Making Progress

Thursday, October 16th, 2014


Yes, I am! I am making progress and I like how this is coming along.


I love the ethereal look of these leaves compared to the previous leaves that I printed on silk.


I am almost done stitching the leaves down. Then, I will work on the other quilt that I want to rehab for my crit group on Saturday.

That is all I have for tonight. Ta ta!

Falling Leaves

Sunday, September 21st, 2014


In my quest to re-energize my creative life, I decided to start by rehabilitating a couple of quilts that didn’t make the cut.


I made Taking Leaf of My Seasons for the SAQA Oregon Layers show and it did not get in. I was not surprised.


There were too many leaves, and they were too realistic for the abstract background. It was one of those last minute things and I didn’t have time to redo it for the show. So I am now removing them. It is really quite relazing and cathartic. Then, I have to figure out what to do. I really love the painted organza background so I want to do something that will work with it. Maybe fewer organza leaves that are fused or maybe thermofax prints. To be decided.

At any rate, I am still feeling under the weather and I have my two teen-age grandchildren here for a few days while Mom and Dad are in Portland, Maine. They are such great kids – so quiet and polite. We took them to the Farmer’s Market yesterday. Here they are walking back – notice the baguette of French Bread that Mia asked me to buy. It did not last long.


Tomorrow will be a test for Mr C and I. We have to roust Mia at 6 am – get her breakfast, make lunch and walk her to the street car by 7 am. Her highschool is right on the streetcar line. Then, we have to get Miles moving and drive him back across the river to his neighborhood school by 8:45.  Wish us luck!!