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Preparing for Houston

I have been doing a little shopping to get ready for my trip to Houston. I love this bag that I found. It is really roomy and I love the print. It has a surface that I can wipe clean and most importantly a shoulder strap large enough to fit over my head so that I do not put too much weight on one shoulder. And there is room for shopping — very important.

I also bought some new Ecco shoes — very sensible, black patent leather and too boring for a photo!

This is a portable charger for my iPhone and iPad. It is really cool. You can recharge it by plugging it into the laptop. It will come in handy at the show to keep my electronics running.

This is my teeny tiny Square Up for processing credit cards on my iPad. We will be selling books and cards at our exhibit.

Tonight, I have been working on something special and fun to take with me. I can’t show you yet, but I will post photos from Houston. I always have to take my laptop with me to keep up with my SDA work.

Tomorrow, I will do some errands, pack and make sure Mr C has food. I want to buy some yarn to knit a baby sweater. I am going to be a Grandma again at the end of March. I am so excited. Mark and Jayme are very excited at becoming parents. It will be quite an adventure for her to manage medical school and a baby!!

7 Responses to “Preparing for Houston”

  1. Deb Hardman says:

    Hi Gerrie, I was just looking at long ago posts on my blog, & realized you are someone I hadn’t visited in a long time!

    I wish I coukd meet you in Houston! I hear that it’s the world’s largest gathering of women in sensible shoes!

    Have a great time!
    & congrats on the new grandchild! They are so much fun, aren’t they!

  2. Judy says:

    Have a great trip!
    I know you are thrilled about this new baby in your life! Baby knitting is such a kick – you are done before you know it!
    Looking forward to your Houston posts.


  3. Connie Akers says:

    Congratulations on the new baby and going to Houston to bask in the much deserved glow of the book & wonderful art work. Have a great time for all of us that can’t make it this year.

  4. Francoise says:

    Congratulations on the future new grandbaby!
    And have fun in Houston my friend. You’re going to look terrific with your new bag (and shoes).

  5. Deborah says:

    That bag is cute! See you soon!

  6. Jeannie says:

    Congratulations on the addition to the family! I sincerely hope you have the time of your life in Houston. I will be looking forward to your trip reports. HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Karoda says:

    another artist was telling me about the square up last week. she ran into a couple of customers who felt uncomfortable about processing via her ipad at an art fair…i think because it is something different.
    have fun!