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Quilt Knit Stitch- See the Quilts I Loved

Monday, August 17th, 2015


I know I have been missing in action, but for a good cause. I helped to coordinate an information table at Quilt Knit Stitch 2015 for Surface Design Association. We set it up on Wednesday and the show ran Thursday – Saturday. We had a display of swatches of samples of surface design techniques by our members and lots of journals to peruse.



The opening quilt up above was in the red quilt show that debuted in Houston. I liked the more modern versions of the red quilts. That one was made by Betty Hahn, an artist that I really admire.


Here is another innovative red quilt.



We were next to an exhibit of work by students in Jane Dunnewold’s master class. Some of these pieces were my favorites in the show. Here are some I especially liked.


This piece was so gorgeous – hand dyed and discharged and some applique of poppy heads.



The hand stitching on this is really lovely. It has sections of hand-dyed gauze laminated to the surface. It needs to be seen up close.



This is one of Jane’s pieces that is digitally manipulated and printed by Spoonflower and then quilted.



These 3 pieces had such gorgeous surface design.



Another gorgeous piece with surface treatment.


Here are some other random pieces in the traveling special exhibits.


Sue Dennis of Australia makes such lovely quilts using leaves. She does rubbings, printing and applique.



Another fabulous quilt by Betty Hahn. It is painted!



This is a small modern quilt with Big Pink, our iconic building here in Portland.


I always love a Betty Busby quilt. This one was in the SAQA Redirecting the Ordinary exhibit.



My regular readers may recognize this as the big sister to a SAQA auction quilt that I purchased.




And here is the little sister.




Hope you enjoyed this sampling of quilts from Quilt Knit Stitch.

Home again, Home again!

Sunday, July 29th, 2012

I am home from my whirlwind trip to IQF Long Beach. It was such fun, especially after Karen and Terry arrived on Friday to keep me company. We were so excited to hear the wonderful comments about our Twelve by Twelve exhibit. I loved hanging out there, listening to the comments. Sometimes I would introduce myself and then I would be held captive to answer questions!!

Here is a photo of the three of us with Del, taken on Friday. Del was so thrilled with the reception the exhibit received. I am so happy we did her proud.

On Friday night, Del and her friends, Sherry and Jim who live on the water in Long Beach, treated us to a Duffy boat ride and dinner at the Long Beach Yacht Club. Here is the boat. It is electric and very comfy.

Here are some of the sights seen from the boat. A putt putt boat with a mutt.

And a person powered Gondola:

It was high tide so we often had to turn around because we could not get under a bridge. We enjoyed navigating the canals of Naples and looking at all the beautiful homes.

Yesterday before I left, I saw this sight out my window:

It was a canopy for an Indian wedding. When I was waiting in the lobby, I saw drool worthy Indian saris on beautiful women. The men were wearing some cool outfits, too.

I arrived home last evening and Steph and Jack and Miles picked me up and we stopped for dinner at one of Miles’ favorite restaurants. Steve was at an anniversary party for friends that I had to miss because I got in too late and Mia is in San Francisco with Lisa and Clay. She will be attending the Young Artists Program at California College of Art for the next two weeks. She is having quite the summer.

Today, I spent some quality time with Mr C and Scooter who seemed to have missed me!!

I was excited to find this fabric from Frieda Anderson when I got home. I am going to use it for a piece for our Rhythm and Hues show.

I am only one day behind with my 3 x 3s. Here are two more.

A Quiet Week-end

Sunday, July 22nd, 2012

I mainly puttered around the house this week-end, doing odds and ends of stuff. We had a great dinner on Friday night. I am still savoring it. After doing our household chores yesterday morning, we headed for downtown Portland to look for new chairs for our kitchen. The chairs we have were purchased when we lived in NY and are Hitchcock chairs with stenciled backs. They are wonderful chairs, but don’t really work with our more modern aesthetic.

We saw that Design Within Reach (named Design Out of Reach by our kids) was having a sale. We found some chairs that we really liked and now are waiting for them to be shipped from Kentucky.

I had nice phone calls with all 3 of my kids. Look at this wonderful photo of Mark with Paige. I just love it.

I also had time to keep up with my 3 x 3s.

I have 3 days to get some work done in my studio before I leave for 3 days in Long Beach for International Quilt Festival.



More About IQF Houston

Tuesday, November 8th, 2011

I love urban architecture and Houston has many modern buildings. It seems as if the whole city is brand new in the area of the convention center.

This is a shot at night. We were not that far from our hotel so we often walked back and forth to the convention center.

These trees with blue lights captured my interest. As did the red umbrellas hanging in the Pavilion where we ate dinner one night.


This photo was taken from the outside deck on the second floor of the convention center.

I took some photos in the quilt show for friends who couldn’t be there, but I didn’t take photos of other quilts to show. One of my favorite pieces in the show was the little fiber village by quilt artists that Kathy York organized.

Terry Grant and I spent some time trying to match up the houses with the artists that we know. We were very successful except for the one’s whose work we were not familiar with.

I did not do much shopping. i just don’t need more stuff!! This is what I bought:

A little bag of gorgeous scraps from Shibori Girl. I was so happy to meet another online friend.

Some gorgeous hand-dyed thread my Artfabrik. It was great to see Laura Wasilowski again and meet Frieda Anderson.

I needed some more dotty circle fabric for Gwen’s quilt and I picked up these two — perfect!!

Here is one last shot of some of the twelves waiting for our table for dinner on Saturday night.

i am still enjoying the wonderful memories of being with these great women. The Houston experience has given me so much joy and energy to jump into art making. Life is good.



Where to Start?

Monday, November 7th, 2011

I am still basking in the glow of our Houston adventure. Our exhibit was so lovingly received. We heard comment after comment about how unusual, how creative and how inspirational it was. We had our photos take and we signed books. We listened and we told our story over and over and we never got tired of sharing. You can see more photos of the installation on my Flickr set.

This photo shows how the quilts were displayed with lots of breathing room around each mosaic. Each set of quilts had an easel with the names of the quilts and the artist statements. Each signage also stated the title of the theme and acknowledged our sponsor, Del Thomas, The Thomas Contemporary Quilt Collection. Without Del, we would not have been able to have this exhibit.

The Colorplay series was displayed around the outside perimeter of our area and the original theme series was displayed on the inside where we had tables and sold our books and signed the books. We also had postcards of the Colorplay series for sale. We sold our of books and postcards. The biggest book vendor at the show, Cathy Neri, brought lots of books and she sold out, also.

Every day at 6:30, we all gathered at the tables and signed books. There was usually several people waiting for us.

It was the first time that nine of the twelves were together, and it was as if we had been spending time together for a long time. Well, we had, but it was on line!!

We went out for a delicious Tex Mex dinner at Ninfa’s, a Houston landmark. I enjoyed a delicious Margarita with sangria swirled into it.

Here we are, except for Kristin, who took the photo.

I brought the missing 3 with me so that they could be in photos.

We went back to the hotel and sat around and talked and exchanged gifts. I can’t show you those until the other 3 get their’s. All I can say is it was very special.

Houston IQF is every quilt show I have ever attended on steroids. The quilt section is gorgeous. Everything is hung thoughtfully. I did not get around to see all of the quilts. I worked at the SAQA table on Saturday morning which was lots of fun. The vendor mall was huge and crowded and intimidating. I did not do much shopping.

I was exhausted when I arrived home last night, but slept really well. I have had a lot of SDA work to catch up on and I also got laundry done, stocked up on food and sewed a sleeve on a quilt that is going to Chandler, AZ tomorrow for a show.

I will post more about Houston, tomorrow.