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Artist at Work

Lisa is here and has set up a temporary studio in my office. She was a good influence on me today. She was up and at work early this morning.

She is working on a deadline of illustrations for a cookbook. It is fun to see how she develops the painting, adding layers and colors and definition.

I got a lot done, working next door in my studio. I am almost ready to start the quilting of my 12 x 20 piece.

I did some printing with white paint on blue fabric today to use later  for my 3 x3’s. I really am loving working with blue. I think this whole exercise will be an enlightenment for me. Here is today’s 3 x 3:

This is printed with my aspen leaf thermofax screen. I love the wintery look of it.

Tonight was the opening of Lisa’s small show with her friend Trish Grantham at Land PDX, a gallery and bookstore on Mississippi in North Portland.

It was a gorgeous day again today. The sun was out all day. The days are getting longer. I love it. Here is the sunset today as I took Scooter out at the end of the day. The sun is much higher at 4:30.

And lastly,  here are the first of the Helibores blooming in the Rhodie Garden.

3 Responses to “Artist at Work”

  1. Judy says:

    What fun it would be to be part of a mother-daughter artist team! You are living a dream life Gerrie: Portland, 2 artist daughters, 2 lovely grandchildren and a third on the way! Enjoy!!!
    My Hellebores are blooming too!


  2. Karoda says:

    continued fun and inspiration working right alongside your daughter! sounds like a groovy match!

  3. Jeannie says:

    Lisa’s palette looks so inviting. I really like the varigated thread you used on the 3 x 3. It adds so much interest to it with the subtle transistion. Wishing you all a great weekend together.