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I Love a Parade

We live in the Eastmoreland Neighborhood, but are adjacent to the Woodstock neighborhood, where we do a lot of our shopping. Today was the annual Woodstock Festival, complete with parade, entertainment, food and street fair.


Maggie and I walked up the hill to the Woodstock neighborhood while Mr C worked in the yard. I arrived just in time for the beginning of the parade. It was the total small town/neighborhood parade. Lots of kids, a couple of bands, some dogs, antique cars, bikes and dedicated neighborhood souls. Here are a few pics. You can see more on my Flickr set.




Steve worked on planting the area outside my studio. This is the view from my studio, through the sliding glass doors.


It is still a little barren, but at least we have a good start. Here is how it looks from above, taken from the deck — yellow bird bath and Japanese Maple.



Here are close-ups of my new lacy Hydrangea and a gorgeous Begonia. Clickable to see larger.

newhydrangeacloseup.jpg newhydrangeacloseup31.jpg newhydrangeacloseup2.jpg

newbegonia2.jpg newbegonia.jpg

Mr C and I have been spending the last couple of days planning a driving trip in August. We are driving to the Olympic Peninsula and staying one night, with a day and a half to explore. Then we stay in Port Orchard and catch the ferry to Victoria the next day. We will stay there for two nights. Then we are driving to Seattle for an overnight stay so that we can take in the new sculpture park and art museum renovation. I am really looking forward to this. I love to hit the road with Mr C!

4 Responses to “I Love a Parade”

  1. Reva says:

    We must’ve just missed you! We were standing on the north side of the street, in the shade by the auto parts store at 42nd or 43rd, for the beginning of the parade. During the second long lull between floats, etc., we moseyed east to take in some of the booths. I’m glad you got pictures of two of my favorite parade participants, the Get a Life marching band and the big pink landshark (Chrysler?) with its pom-pom eyelashes. I forgot to take my camera and was mentally kicking myself.

  2. Judy says:

    C and I have started planning a similar trip but for a year from now. It pays (for me) if I plant the seed very early, because then he wears the tour director hat and I the Princess tiara!! LOL
    Love your gardening pics! We are continuing to have many showers and cooler Porlandish temps. I love it!

  3. teri says:

    Positively beautiful. Now if I could just get Steve to come to Nova Scotia to landscape this place. It’s a disaster!

    BTW, I don’t know if it’s just me but, your blog seems to be vertically compressed on my iMac- all the photos are distorted height-wise and the side bar overlaps itself…..May want to have Gloria take a look and see if it’s a problem in the coding or if it’s an iMac thing or just me…..


  4. terry grant says:

    Your yard is looking great. We must me on the same wavelength–your hydrangea photo looks nearly like mine!