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Awaiting a Night of Passion

Saturday, August 1st, 2009


This is my piece for the 12 X 12 theme, Passion. The title is Satin Sheets. Several ideas passed through my brain, but I decided to go for the more titillating, tongue in cheek view.

I cut strips of silk charmeuse into strips which wove on to a background of white silk satin. I then machine quilted with sensuous curves.


To create rose petals to be strewn on this perfectly made bed, I fused two pieces of painted red silk together. I then cut petal shapes.


To make them 3 dimensional, I cut a slit and glued one side to another along the slit.


These were sewn to the silk background with a matching bead in the center.


So there you have it – satin sheets and rose petals, foretelling a night of passion.