Back In Action and a Give Away

I took a break from the studio and blogging. It was nice to have family time. You can see photos of our day on Stephanie’s blog, here. Here are Mia and Miles sipping sparkling apple juice and waiting for the adults to sit down.

Yesterday, Mr C and I went to a matinee showing of Lincoln. It is a marvelous movie. Daniel Day Lewis was a fantastic Lincoln. I was most interested in how Congress was just as dysfunctional then as it is now.

Today, I made a huge pot of turkey soup with the leftover carcass. I have enough to feed the whole neighborhood. I also picked up some yarn to knit a Christmas stocking for Paige Ada. More about that later.

I also got back down to the studio and got caught up with my 3 x3’s. Here are the rest.

I feel as if I have had 3 Saturdays in a row and it is finally Sunday, tomorrow.

I was sent 2 copies of the Art Quilting Studio magazine because I have two articles, I guess. If you would like a chance to have my second copy, leave a comment between now and Tuesday, 9 pm PST, and I will do a random drawing for the winner.

30 Responses to “Back In Action and a Give Away”

  1. KathieB says:

    I would love to have a copy of Art Quilt Studio magazine so I can see your articles! Your 3X3s are very fun. What sort of edge finish do these small pieces receive?

  2. marion shaw says:

    I so enjoy your blog!! I love seeing your 3x3s and your different art
    projects. Would to love to see your articles in the magazine.

  3. Sue says:

    Congrats on two articles. Would love the extra copy. . .hard for me to find it. Any news re nativity? About to sey up Christmas here. . .can’t believe it. Love your glasses.

  4. Del says:

    Sure, throw my name in the hat! Wish I could just trot over and read it at your house! Love, Del

  5. Sequana says:

    I’d love to have the xtra copy – really generous of you. I don’t know if I’ve ever commented before, but just in case……..I follow your blog and so enjoy the things I see here.

  6. Beverly says:

    Congrats on the two articles, I’d love to have my name in the hat. I love reading about your creative processes, and it would be nice to have a bit of that in my book stash!

  7. Anya says:

    Looks like a great giveaway! Congrats on the articles and thanks for the chance!

  8. Diane says:

    It sounds like a great issue, full of articles by interesting people – like you! Love to win it!

  9. Anita Lay says:

    So glad to see you getting such fabulous personal recognition. Sounds like you all had a great Thanksgiving.

  10. Chris says:

    I enjoy your blog. I live south of Portland and feel that we are neighbors. I would love to have a copy of the magazine.

  11. Tg says:

    I really enjoy your blog . . . Especially the 3×3’s . . .i may borrow that idea. Thanks for the chance at the magazine . . .

  12. catherine pardoe says:

    I would love to see your work in the magazine
    and I do love your 3 x 3
    all the best with your art


  13. Betty says:

    I’d like to win that magazine. It may inspire me to organize my sewing room. I like reading your blog.

  14. Kamilla Mazanec says:

    Love the 3 x 3’s. They are really inspiring. And yes, I would love the magazine — wonderful that you have 2 articles in it.

  15. Marybeth says:

    How fun it would be to read your two articles and, of course, enjoy the rest of the mag. Thanks for sharing with someone!

  16. Congratulations on being published. I’d love to have a copy, looks like a great magazine.

  17. Dixie McIntyre says:

    Thank you for the opportunity for an early Charistmas gift!

  18. prairiequilter says:

    I would cherish the mag and take very good care of it and read every word…congrats!

  19. Judy says:

    What a well deserved honor. Thank for the this offer. I have not yet seen a copy of this publication.

  20. Gill says:

    I would love to win your extra copy!

  21. Feeling lucky – sign me up for the giveaway. As for your 3 x 3, that second one utilizes some very different colors than what you usually combine. Less zing and more calm. More along my lines, I realized.

  22. Karren Elsbernd says:

    I wrote a glowing tribute to all ‘twelve’ of you after seeing your wonderful exhibit at the Long Beach International Quilt show but somehow it did not ‘send’. And I said such wonderful things about it too. 12×12 was the first blog I ever signed up for and I enjoy all your postings and the chance to click around and visit your individual sites. Now I have the possibility of seeing into your studio…maybe for free. Thanks.

  23. sophie says:

    I keep looking at the Aspens in the neighborhood I moved into 2 months ago and thinking I need to include them in a quilt … so, of course, I’d love to win a copy of the magazine with your article.

  24. Betty Ayers says:

    I know you must be so proud about this article. I’m 1/4 of a little group trying our wings in 12×12 fashion and with one submission done, our next theme is “tree” or “trees” – how funny and coincidental!? I’m not familiar with this magazine, but would certainly love, love to win a copy. Many thanks.

  25. Susan says:

    I can’t wait to see the whole magazine!

  26. Antoinette says:

    Dear Gerrie:

    I’ve been without high speed connection for over 3 weeks after Hurricane Sandy. Have spent just as much time speaking with customer service all over the world to correct a problem which is 3/4’s of a mile from our home, but cannot be addressed on a local basis. Tonight is the first time I have my speed, but not wireless . . . and you are the first person with whom I’ve connected!

    My husband and I have had long talks about the joys of creating with our hands from our heart. We’re so grateful for people like you who continue to share and inspire. Blessings to you and your family who are reaping the benefits of your time, talents and special, homemade gifts! I’m new to art quilting although I’ve been sewing for at least 60 years, if one counts the little antique doll-like machine I learned on at age 5! Your 12×12 group sparked the flame for me, shortly after buying my first “real” sewing machine! I’d love to be part of an on-line group like yours! Thank you again. Looking forward to your magazine, one way or another! In JOY . . .

  27. Leanne says:

    Hi Gerrie,
    It must be exciting to see your work published. It happened to me once, but with a landscape design. I love Aspen trees, so the article looks very intriquing.

    I love creating all kinds of art quilts using a multitude of techniques. I’m always interested in what others are using to produce their art. I would love a copy of the magazine!

  28. Sandra Ellison says:

    I’d love to win the magazine — thanks for offering it, and congratulations on your articles.

  29. Kathryn says:

    Congrats on your articles. I’m new to your blog but enjoyed looking around and will be back soon. I found you through the post on 12×12. Please put my name in the drawing. I’d love to read your articles.

  30. Janet says:

    I would love a chance to win the extra magazine. Congratulations on the two articles in this issue. Great blog!