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This, That and The Other Thing

Sunday, July 27th, 2014


It was a beautiful day today and so, after church and some mega grocery shopping, I headed to the studio to print some fabric for a special project. (seen above)  I don’t have AC there and it is too hot to work there on most summer days.

I found a piece of fabric on which I had done some previous printing – think if was discharged. I used one of my stencils and daubed on some red paint.


Then, just for fun, I spatter painted with white paint.


It was fun to spend some time in my studio. I sort of cleaned up from the quilting frenzy for the blue show.

Speaking of the blue show,  the Blue Picasso Woman was juried in but not the sky blue pink piece. I was not surprised. I rushed that and I knew that the dyed cheese cloth was too centered. So, here is my plan. When I get it back I am going to do a major crop on the top and also some on the bottom and redo the flying geese. I think I can get it ready to enter into a different show.






On Friday, Mr C and I drove my 3 quilts up to Tacoma to The American Art Company for the exhibit which opens on August 16th. I had to add sleeves to the bottom with slats so that they will hang better, I guess. It was kind of a pain.




I hope I can get up for the reception on the 16th. The gallery  is very spacious, and I have seen the show in the past and it looked great. Quilt Knit Stitch is happening that week and Kristin LaFlamme, one of the Twelves and my art quilt daughter is coming for the week. She has one of her Army Wife Aprons in a show here in Portland. It was curated by Marci McDade, the SDA Journal editor. Just before that, we are going to CA to hang out with Paige for a few days.

I have 3 exhibit receptions in August! The Simply Red show is opening in Newport down on the Oregon Coast, the Columbia Fiber Arts exhibit, Fiber Inspirations, is opening here in town at the ArtReach gallery and then the exhibit in Tacoma. Pretty cool!



Recap of the Last 3 Days

Saturday, September 14th, 2013


My three days with Jane Dunnewold were fantastic. She left this little bundle of luscious complex cloth bits as a thank you.


On Wednesday, she gave a lecture to my guild on Making and Meaning. Jane is such a thoughtful and caring person as well as being an artist. I think she touched many people with her admonition to keep making, stay centered and find joy in your work. On Wednesday night, we had an SDA dinner out with Marci Rae McDade, the SDA journal editor and Amanda Melbostad, our area rep.

On Thursday and Friday, 20 of us had a workshop with Jane on Making Art, Strategies for Transformation. We alternated between arty exercises and writing exercises.  It was very intense and emotional for many of the participants. Tears were shed and secrets revealed as we shared our artistic journey and quests.

On Thursday, we dumped funky supplies on a big table to share. Our task was to create a container for our artist. I grabbed these supplies to start.


The copper scouring pad became the basis for my container. I began by collaging the insides with bits of ephemera abd adding sparkly purple yarn. Then, we stopped for lunch. I came back to the table and felt uncomfortable with my container. I needed it to be more comfortable and organized.


I lined it with soothing fabric and made little parts out of beads and sequin waste.


Here are some of the other containers:


It became very clear, as we discussed our containers that they revealed a lot about our selves. I realized that my chaotic container did not work because of the decisions Mr C and I are currently making about changing our living arrangement and I needed an orderly container to put my mind at rest.

On Friday, we did more writing about our work: history, process, content, things we love to do, things we are good at, if we were to be the optimum artist that exists in our mind, what would our work look like.

We also took some time to make marks with india ink and brushed on paper. It was amazing to look around the room and see the difference in the personal marks.


As I said earlier, it was emotional and tears were shed as we faced our fears.

I took Jane to Ann Johnston‘s home for her last night. I had fun seeing her gorgeous studio and newest work which will debut at the Baylor University Art Center in October. You can visit her site and order her new dvd, Color by Accident.

Today, I spent most of the day reformatting and updating my artist statement and resume for High Fiber Diet. It is supposed to be only 2 pages, but I am well over that. Some things will have to go, I guess.

Where Did the Week Go?

Thursday, March 14th, 2013



I can’t believe that tomorrow is Friday!! I have had a fun and busy time with Jane Davila. Yesterday, she did a lecture for our guild which was an overview of doing the business of art. Today, some of us had a day long workshop with her where we delved into the art business in depth. We could have spent another day.

Yesterday afternoon, I took her to the Japanese garden to see the lithographs and prints that I had seen last week-end. Jane has been to Portland many times, but had never visited the garden. She loved it and her iPhone died taking so many photos!!

Her she is gazing at Mt. Hood. I can’t believe that I had the luck of seeing the Mt. two times in one week.



Here are some other photos that I took.









There is no end to photo ops in the garden.

Yesterday was Jane’s birthday. Her brother lives here and showed up at our guild meeting place with birthday cupcakes, but we had already left! So he came by our house last night. It was nice to meet him. Tomorrow, Jane is teaching a sketching with a sewing machine class. I will drop her off in the morning. Her brother is picking her up after the workshop so that she can visit with the whole family.

Mr C and I will be heading south to Ashland and Medford where High Fiber Diet has an opening reception for our Elements show at the Rogue Gallery. We are taking Scooter with us. The weather looks good for the drive down there. I will hopefully be able to blog about the reception tomorrow night

This and That

Monday, March 11th, 2013


Do any of my readers remember this piece. It is a 12 x 12 quilt that I made for one of the challenges. I made two and this one was voted out. I have always loved it. The SDA members show for the conference in June specifies a 12 x 12 quilt mounted on a gallery frame. I think this will be perfect for San Antonio. I named it Fiesta back when I made it. I am going to paint the frame to complement the quilt. The deadline is April 1 along with several other deadlines around the same time. What else is new.

There is not much new to report around here. I have spent the day cleaning house and doing laundry, preparing for a visit from Jane Davila, who is coming to lecture and teach for my guild. Can’t wait to spend a few days with this talented woman.

This week-end, I printed a bunch of name-tags for my guild on Lutradur. This is Portland and I think we should have reusable nametags. Members can write their name on the name tag and turn it in at the end of the meeting to pick up again at the next one.



I have a couple of ho hum drawings.

drawing 3-10-13


drawing 3-11-13

I am not sure how much blogging I will do in the next few days as I will be busy.


Party On

Thursday, December 13th, 2012

yellow-green 12

My week of partying and hobnobbing is coming to an end. I need to settle down and finish my plans for the upcoming holidays and the arrival of the family!

Yesterday, I attended Columbia FiberArts Guild with a lecture by Janice Arnold who does mind boggling enormous felted installations. It was very inspiring to hear how she got started and her path to creating these installations. It was also our annual silent auction and I scored some hand-dyed fabric and a lovely black felted purse. Then, it was out to lunch with some friends. I spent the rest of the day getting Kelp Dance shipped to North Carolina for the PAQA South ArtQuiltsWater exhibit.

Today, was the annual STASH outing. We had lunch at a Peruvian restaurant, Andina. Very delicious food and an exchange of gifts.  Here are Terry, Reva and Suzy having a good laugh – there was lots of that.


Then we did some roaming around the Pearl district. I found a new nativity from India in the Cargo Import store.


Tonight, my friend, Kimberly, picked me up and we drove over the river to Vancouver to see a presentation by Bonnie Bucknam at the Clark County Quilter’s meeting. I love her quilts and so it was very inspiring to hear how she creates her beautiful quilts.

Tomorrow, I start physical therapy for my hip pain, which has been better, but I still have days when it is very bothersome and I need to use the cane.

I have made some progress on Paige’s Christmas stocking. I am worried about when I get to the heel. I haven’t done one in so long, but I only have about 10 days left to get this done.



Here is today’s 3 x 3.

yellow-green 13