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Art Quilt Workshop Prep

Tuesday, May 5th, 2015


I am getting ready to teach an art quilting class for our multi-generational art program at Trinity. We will have no sewing machines so I got permission from Laura Wasilowski to pattern my class after her wonderful little hand-stitched art quilts. This is my class sample that I am working on. I have some stitching done.

I love this part soooo much. Slow stitching – ahhhhh!


The class will be on Wednesday nights for the next 4 weeks – an hour and a half per class. So part of my planning is parsing out the steps to a finished quilt. For those who get done early, I will have them make fiber postcards.

I bought several batiks for them to use for the background fused to black felt. I have lots and lots of fused scraps that I am bringing in for them to use for their creations.


There are so many things to think of. I will try to take photos as we go along.

I was exhausted after the SAQA conference and then I had a backlog of SDA work to do. Today, I am feeling rested and energetic again.

A Busy Week

Thursday, May 22nd, 2014


I didn’t realize that a week had gone by and I only posted Wordless Wednesday. I am a bad blogger. But, I have been very busy. We had the opening of the New Heaven, New Earth show last Friday. Here are my two pieces in the show.




We had a good turn out at the reception and have sold a few pieces of art. We gave a Genisis award for best interpretation of the theme. It was won by a quilter from Montana who used to be a member of Trinity and comes back in the spring to be in this show.

On Saturday night, we went to a gala dressup fundraiser dinner for an organization that provides quality experiences, such as summer camp, for abused children — Sparks for Hope. We were invited to be at a table put together by one of Steve’s former co-workers. I was thrilled to be able to get into the dress I bought for Lisa and Clay’s wedding. Speaking of which, how great is it that gay marriage is no longer banned in Oregon! State by state, we are winning.

Sunday, I took part in a forum at Trinity. The artists in the show talked about our inspiration and other things. I also sat at the show on Sunday afternoon and got a sale, just as I was packing up!

I have spent a bunch of time getting my studio set up. Almost there! Today, I wrangled four 2 foot by 4 foot insulation panels and taped them together and covered them with flannel to make a 4 x 8 design wall. It was a bit hysterical as my studio is not that big so there is no place to lay stuff on the floor. I guess I could have gone out in the hall!!

The photo at the top is of my tjaps and printing blocks on display in front of my encaustic experiments. I have utilized the back of the door for some hanging storage.


We also put up lots of shelves for storing stuff where I can see it.


I have also been to a couple of meetings this week — High Fiber Diet on Tuesday night and SAQA on Wednesday, followed by lunch with a group of friends.

We continue to get the condo in order. I hung a bunch of quilts and other art in the hallway and bedroom


I hung Motherlode in the entry way and realized it has the complete color palette of our new home!


One of my aspen quilts graces the hallway.

I also hung some of my work in the bedroom



We bought a nice little glass topped desk at Crate and Barrel for my desktop computer. It is a lovely place to work and look out on nature. It is in the bedroom.


This is the really cool walnut dresser that we found when we went on our hunt for Midcentury Modern furniture.


That wall needs some more art, don’t you think?


Our chandelier arrived this week, too. And with much ado, we got it installed.

Today, we walked up to the Rose Garden from our home. It is a good hike — straight up — but it only takes about 15 minutes to get there. Portland is known as the Rose City and the rose Festival is happening, soon. Here are some photos. The first is a view of  Big Pink from the garden.






Walking home is a breeze because it is down hill most of the way.


washington parkpath



This and That

Tuesday, May 13th, 2014



I spent most of today getting ready for and then checking in art for the Trinity Artists Among Us exhibit – A New Heaven and a New Earth – taken from Revelations. I took a climate change view of this and focused on the earth that we humans are creating. Soaring, above, and Kelp Dance, were juried into the show.


There are two other fiber artists in the show. Here is some of the art waiting to be hung tomorrow. Reception is Friday, 6-9 pm, if you are in the Portland area – come by for wine, good food, some jazz and art.



I have a favor to ask of you. I think I have mentioned in the past that I have made a panel for the Dream Rocket Project. Jennifer Marsh has had this dream and has worked for years to see it come to pass. She wants to fabricate a framework of 42 hoops that will fit around the 363′ Saturn V Moon Rocket, without touching the rocket itself. 8,000 artworks will be installed around this structure to create a temporary public artwork.

She needs some grass roots funding to get this off the ground. You can click on the Kickstarter link and donate as little as $1.00. Every little bit helps. It would mean a lot for Jennifer and her team of artists, that includes many, many school children, to get this off the ground!! Hope you can kick in a little. Thank you!!

One Down, Two to Go

Monday, May 20th, 2013


Artists Among Us is history for another year. The show closed yesterday. Last night I reconciled the database with the receipts. This morning I printed all the sales inventories and headed to Trinity to help with art pick up. When I got home, it was almost 7 pm. I made some dinner and headed to my basement hideaway and settled into my sofa and did some hand stitching on my SAQA auction quilt for two hours while I switched back and forth between The Voice and Dancing With the Stars. It was so nice to do some hand work.

The bowl up there is our purchase from the show, made by our featured artist, Chris Baskin. Here is a photo of him with the display of his beautiful work.



Here is one of his beautiful pitchers with his work as the backdrop. There were several beautiful arrangements around the room, using his pottery.



Here is a photo of some folks chatting with Terry Grant’s quilts in the background.



We had several middle school kids from the church who served yummy food at the Gala. They were so gracious and seemed to be having a great time.



We had lovely music provided by very talented members of Trinity.







Mr C sold wine tickets. Looks like he is not getting much business.



And here are my two co-chairs on the right with Chris, our featured artist next to me.




It was a whirlwind week-end with lots of work. So, tomorrow, I get back to working on the SDA Conference and planning for attending Lisa’s wedding. We leave a week from tomorrow.


Artists Among Us 2013

Thursday, May 16th, 2013



It has been a really busy week, juggling all my obligations for the Artists Among Us Show and SDA and keeping things going at home. Tonight, we had a soft opening for the artists and volunteers. The show looks fantastic.

As promised, I got a photo of Undulations at the show. I am getting a lot of positive comments from the other artists — very gratifying. To finish the piece, I cut a piece of felt  18 x 18 inches, the size of a gallery frame that I had. I used some Misty fuse scraps to adhere it to the area of this piece that I wanted to cover the area of the frame. I used some Golden matte medium to adhere the square of felt to the canvas of the frame. I then wrapped the edges of the piece around the frame and stapled it. Looks great. Here is a detail:



Here is how my 4 pieces look at the show:


Turning the parish hall into an art gallery is quite a feat. Here it is in progress:



These are the racks we use for unframed bin art, waiting to be filled and set up around the room.



Our featured artist is a potter. His work is really wonderful. Here are 3 of the very large urns that he has on display.



At the artist/volunteer reception, my two co-chairs (Diane and Allan) and I received bouquets of flowers.



This year we added a room for art made by Young Artists Among Us. These are some awesome prints made by middle schoolers.





And, this photo of me with one of the artists is for Mary Beth in Wyoming!



Tomorrow night is our big gala opening reception. I hope to have more photos to share. I plan to have a nice calm day.