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Master Class Update

Monday, January 19th, 2015


I decided to do the one color value study of the leave photo. Here is the mockup from the sketch. I need to get it quilted and finished by the end of the month. It is 12 x 12 so I think that is doable.

I tried to work on this here at home in my multi-purpose room, but I have way too many things going on here and I work better at a higher table like I have at the studio. I have been avoiding the studio. It is such a mess, but I went there today and I got this done and I feel energized and ready to clean house, er studio, and get on with my creative life.

I pulled out these sort of icky yellow green pieces, but truth be told, I love working with colors like these.



The looked like a good enough value change to do what I wanted to do.

I started cutting leaves and laying out my piece.



Here is the mock up that I sent to EB.


I felt the lightest value was to light and was not working in the composition. EB agreed. I was following the values in the sketch. I used some color pencil on the light yellow/green and used it in smaller pieces in the central area of the piece. That is what is up at the top of the page.

I spent the week-end doing SDA work and living on Aleve. I was in serious pain after working on the studio at Trinity! I did get my hair cut and the color freshened on Friday and also saw the eye Dr. I went in because I lost my red glasses in San Francisco and needed to get new ones. I am glad I went in as I had a big change in my prescription. I have been having headaches and irritated eyes of late. Here are the two new frames I selected.

red glass frames

blue glass frames

Can’t wait for them to come in next week.

Would Picasso Approve?

Tuesday, June 10th, 2014


I got the blue picasso woman fused and ready for quilting. I debated and made a mess of my studio looking for the right background fabric. This has been really fun to put together. I don’t think the quilting is going to be easy, but it has to be done!!



I needed a large workspace to fuse this so I worked at home on the dining room table. I think I need to make her rosy cheek larger. Need to go back to the studio and find the right fabric.

I used an old drop cloth for the back. I think Picasso would approve.


We have been enjoying our walks around the neighborhood. There is front yard across the street from us with the most amazing poppies.


I am venturing out of my comfort zone tomorrow and going to a new person to get my hair cut. Tomorrow night is Mia’s Middle School graduation. Can’t believe she is off to high school in the fall.

How cute is this little girl. I am missing her so much. Might have to head down to CA soon.

Screenshot 2014-06-10 20.44.43

Always Something

Friday, April 5th, 2013


Last week when I was sick, I looked in the mirror and saw something like this. I had just had my hair newly re-dyed  and the combination of the copper colored hair and yellow skin, gave me the creeps. My first thought was, you should never have gone copper again. My second thought was, you really look like death warmed over and crawled back in bed.

The other thing that was going on was a case of the hives on my lower legs and feet every night. The worst itchiness. I had to slather myself in cortisone cream.

The yellow cast to my skin and the hives went away when I began to feel better on Friday.

So, this morning, I was telling my daughter, Stephanie about the hives that I had while I was sick. She has the hives quite often and has done lots of research on the causes. She told me that many people have hives on their feet during gall bladder attacks.

A light bulb goes off. Yellow skin. Hives. Severe abdominal pain. Duh. So I e-mailed my Dr. and then had a talk with her advice nurse. The nurse really felt it was a virus. I said, make sure you tell the Dr. about the hives and the yellow skin and remind her that I have just lost a bit of weight.

Long story, short, the Dr. e-mailed me back and said she had ordered blood tests and an ultrasound.  If it is my gall bladder, I certainly want to get it taken care of, but even minor surgery in my life right now is a daunting thought.

I am happy to say that I got the big silk quilt finished and photographed and submitted to the invitational show. Around the 22nd of the month, when juried quilts are announced, I will be able to share it with you.



Thursday, September 6th, 2012

The Democratic National Convention is over. Maybe I can get back to more serious time in my studio. I have been knocking off and watching the DNC at 3 pm every day. I am a political geek. Bubba knocked it out of the park last night. It was our 48th wedding anniversary, and we stayed home with take out so that we could watch his speech. Truth be told, after two week away from home, we are not that in to eating out.

Yesterday, I went in to have my hair color done and told Kevin I wanted something different. I am now a sort of goth redhead. It is sort of a burgundy red. It is fun to have a change.

Between my CSA veggies and my own garden, I had a plethora of tomatoes so this morning I roasted 3 pans to go in the freezer for the winter.

This afternoon, I went out to Terry’s house to work on the Twelve by Twelve quilts. We unpacked them and made sure they were all presentable and attached to the felt backgrounds.

Meanwhile, back in my  studio, I decided to add some additional color to the water/kelp piece. I think it is great addition.

I have taken on the job of registrar for the Surface Design Conference which will be in San Antonio in June. I did the job 4 years ago. We will have a registration set up on the website which will make the job easier. Last time I had to deal with snail mail, e-mail and phone registrations. I am excited to work with all my friends down in Texas.

Her is the other 3 x 3 for today.



My New Camera!!

Wednesday, April 14th, 2010

I bought a Nikon D3000, an entry level SLR digital camera. I got a great deal on a factory reconditioned camera. It cost less than having a couple of quilts professionally photographed. I have spent a lot of time today getting familiar with it. It can be a point and shoot or you can do more advanced stuff.

I felt that I needed to step up the photography of my quilts for entering shows. I will probably use this mainly as a studio camera. But, who knows?

So, here is our first comparison. The silk version of the Prairie Circles quilt was on my design wall and I took photos with both cameras, using a tripod and the same lighting. I have not retouched either photo.

This is with the new camera:

And, old camera:

Ta da!!

Tomorrow, Steph is coming by to take photos of Terry and I for our Twelve X Twelve book. Maybe, she will use my new camera!! I spent a couple of hours getting my hair cut and the color touched up. It is amazing how much better I feel after I do that. I took this photo with my Apple iBook photo booth.

I am having problems getting just the right gray and beige for the lava quilt. I am off to mix up some dye and try again tonight.