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California Dreamin’

Thursday, August 11th, 2005

This afternoon I leave the heat and humidity of the northeast and return to paradise. I’m flying through Dallas and have a fairly long layover. Hope the weather behaves. I don’t get in to SFO until 10:10 tonight and then have an hour+ drive to Santa Rosa which will be like the wee hours of the morning here in upstate NY. I am going to try to make a quilt related event with Diane and Janet on Friday afternoon/evening. I may nod off during dinner!!

Tomorrow there will be pictures of my time with family. My sister who I have not been close to did a 180 and I spent a day and evening with her. It was an interesting experience. She is so different from my other sisters. She was so excited to show me all the work she has done on their 100+ year old house. She has built decks, laid Pergo flooring, trimmed windows, dug ponds, etc. I mean she personally did the labor. She is not one to sit around and hope for something – she just gets in there and does it!! She called this morning to say good-bye and give me her e-mail address. I am very happy for this turn of events! I invited them to come out for a wine country tour.

Well, I’m off for a little fun this morning then I have to pack and get out of here!!