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Smiles All Around

Monday, January 8th, 2007

The girls and I are all smiles tonight. It looks as if the auction will net over $17,000. I want to say big thank yous to:

  • my daughters for taking an idea I had and organizing and running a great auction. They gracefully survived a major bump in the road at the beginning.
  • the artists who generously contributed their work and the shipping costs (in most cases).
  • the buyers who were extremely generous in their bidding, making this auction an overwhelming success.
  • the friends who donated money to the cause to help defray the E-bay and PayPal fees. You rock!!
  • blogging friends who cheered us on and gave us hope. You rock, too.

I couldn’t get back in the studio today, so I putzed around upstairs and accomplished very little other than working on the auction numbers. It was very exciting early this afternoon when I realized that we had enough donations to cover our extra costs. The person who is paying $760 for my little aspen quilt has not paid yet, so I do not know who it is or where it is going.

Mr C has finished installing my new energy efficient sliding glass door and we can already feel a difference. I have better light, too, because I had sheets of styrofoam up against the door to try to keep the cold air out. I should have taken a before picture ?Ǩ it was not pretty.

I am going to try very hard to have something artsy to show you tomorrow.