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What’s New?

Tuesday, April 10th, 2007

Well, I have my new eye wear. One pair of teal and one – red, of course.



I am enjoying the new glasses so much. I can see the small print again.

Yesterday, I packed up two boxes of supplies for my Art Quilt Claremont class with Rayna Gilman. I can’t wait!!!!!

On the list of supplies were copper or wooden tjaps for the soy batik session. I ordered this beauty from Dharma Trading. coppertjap.jpg

It was very pricey so I checked on e-bay and found some wonderful antique Afghani pear wood printing blocks. I won the bids on three of them.




There was a problem, however. For some odd reason my Paypal shipping address for e-bay defaulted to my old address in Santa Rosa. The new owners of the house asked the postman to forward it to me. Instead, it went back to the seller who reshipped them this morning. I am hoping that they get here before I fly out on Friday.

I have been in meetings or working on the Cathedral Arts Commission brochure most of today. I am taking some time in the studio tomorrow!!