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Holiday Rush

Monday, December 13th, 2010

First, I want to thank everyone who publicly and privately sent lovely thoughts regarding my brother-in-law’s death. I was very emotionally invested in my sister’s ordeal. I have felt a sense of peacefulness and a return of energy.

I still have not decorated the tree or put out my creches. Mia was still running a temp today. I have decided to wait until we get home from New York.

Yesterday, I finished all the stitching on the coasters. I am calling them upcycled coasters as they are created from scraps that might otherwise go in the trash. Tonight, I trimmed them and made some labels to attach. I need to get some ribbon for tying them in bundles.I think there are 60 finished coasters.

Today, I went to the nearest mall when it opened and got lots of things done. Then, this afternoon, Mr C and I went to another mall with an Apple store and an REI (sporting goods) store. We finished all of our shopping. I was happy to find a camera connector for my iPad so that I won’t have to take my laptop on most of my travels.

It felt good to get so much done and not have to worry that we are losing 4 days of the season for travel. I am looking forward to seeing family and sharing our stories about Ray.

Tomorrow, I plan to make some goodies to enclose with the coasters.