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Thursday, December 2nd, 2010

:to act or make progress without making much effort.

That is what I am doing. I have gotten into a routine with the coaster production. I can go down to the studio and whip out a set in an hour after dinner.  The rest of the day is a mish mosh of stuff that is necessary, but eating up time that I’d rather spend some other way. I had to go out to the Kaiser Pharmacy this morning to pick up a new prescription for my blood pressure, which has been misbehaving.

Then I cleaned the refrigerator before I took Scooter for a walk.  I was impressed that I did not have any science experiments in the fridge.

This afternoon, Miles came to spend some time with us while his Mom did some errands. He has pneumonia and has been out of school all week. He is so much better today. Then off to the grocery store and you know how it goes. Tomorrow, I have a guild committee meeting and then M & M are coming to spend the night with us. I have to prepare main course for 8 for dinner on Saturday. I am making a Honey-mustard glazed pork loin wrapped in bacon, butternut squash polenta and roasted brussels sprouts.

So I think it will be Monday before I get back to the studio again.

Here is a detail of tonight’s coasters.

I am trying to organize my studio and my life to get started on some looming projects. One of them is the next Twelve X Twelve colorplay challenge — eggplant, wine and emerald green. I rummaged around in my stash tonight and found these dupioni silks that might work. I was thinking of doing something with silk organzas. Perhaps I will paint some fabric.