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Monday, December 6th, 2010

Today, Mr C and I took Scooter out to the country to cut down our Christmas tree. We love Noble Firs and we have a favorite place to find them. This is our third year to go back to the Allen Tree Farm. We started out to search for the perfect tree, armed with the hand saw.

It is a bit hard to see the trees for the forest!

Mr C does a height check.

A young kid working there offered to take it down with a chain saw. Mr C went to find him. Meanwhile, I found a tree I liked better. This could have gone on for hours.

Scooter had a good time off leash running around the tree farm.

And so, we headed back to the front of the farm.

Seen on the path.

After a good shaking, the tree was wrapped in plastic and loaded on to the roof of the Jeep and home we went. It probably won’t get brought in the house and decorated until later in the week. Mia asked to come and help me.

I had a busy week-end. On Saturday, we prepared the house and a meal for our church dinner group. Groups of 8 are randomly organized in the fall and the group meets together in each other’s homes through out the year. We were so excited to get to know six people we had not known before. Several are new to the area.

Yesterday, I went to church early with Mr C as he was auditioning to be a reader. I went to an advent talk and discussion. Then, last night we went back for Lessons and Carols, a very Anglican Advent service. The music and readings were beautiful.

This morning, I had a chat with the SDA conference chair and agreed to handle the housing reservations for the University of Minn dorms. I have to set up a web page with information before the end of the year.

Tonight, I finally got down to my studio and cut out the felt that I bought for the base of my coasters. I really like the touch of the felt around the edges.

Tonight, I made a batch with indigo shibori and a linen napkin that I dyed orange. I used orange felt for the base.

I am finally feeling pretty good again. I was beginning to feel my age, and that is not a good thing. I have a busy week, socially, so am not sure how much studio time I will have. I have to get moving on the deadlines that are looming.