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On Again, Off Again

Thursday, July 11th, 2013


My website and blog have still been under a cyber attack. So, it comes and goes. These guys should get a life!! I have been working away, mostly, getting my studio looking good again. I had never hung any art after Mr C painted it last year. What a difference it makes to have some of my art hanging on the walls. Above is the little storage system I bought at Target where I store my hand dyes by color. I hung my then and now self portrait above it. The top has random sketch books and blank paper, I think.


This is my sewing area with some wire storage of quilt backing fabric, wool roving, commercial silk and organza fabric and pfd fabric. My Scorched Earth piece hangs on the left and a couple of small 12 X 12s on the right.


My ironing table is just to the left of the drying rack. The table has my collection of large and small irons. Fiesta, the orange 12 x 12, just came home from the SDA member’s show. The other cloth is a Japanese batik piece that I bought for a $1 at a garage sale. It has 3 pockets at the bottom. Not sure what its intended use was.


This is my main design and photography wall. After 7 years, the felt is showing its age so I think I will replace it. The table with white felt is my print table and the ironing table is next to it. On the wall is the latest Cruciform piece and a poster with my photo which was used in Susan Lenz’s Decision series.


The storage unit on the left is for my Japanese vintage textiles. I really don’t use them that much any more so am thinking of bagging them up and finding a new home for them. On the wall is a framed piece of my felted “Frippary” pieces and an old piece with fabric printed by me with some commercial fabric. I called it Pathways. I don’t think I ever entered it in a show. It was fun to find it and hang it in my studio.

I have lots more purging and organizing to do. I have really refined what I do in the studio and it is time to get rid of stuff I no longer use. (Someday!) For now, I am happy with how it looks.

I have to finish up here before the website goes down again. I am off to a STASH meeting with my Portland friends.