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Taking a Break…

from road tripping and blogging. We arrived home on Friday afternoon. We collected Scooter from the K-9 resort; read the mail, did some grocery shopping, laundered clothes, etc.

I finished writing my magazine articles and fine-tuned them. I think I will read through them one more time before I send them off.  I also got caught up on 3 x 3s. Friday is up there.

Here is yesterday’s:

The SAQA “I’m Not Crazy” show debuted this week-end at the World Quilt Show – New England X, Manchester, NH. You can see all of the quilts in the exhibit on the SAQA website, here. It travels to several more Mancuso quilt shows over the next year.

Tonight, M & M and their parents came over for pizza and watermelon. We also got to watch the animation video that Mia and her classmates created in one of her classes at the California College of Art young artist program. It was really cute.

So, tomorrow, I have to tie up some lose ends; pack my bags and get ready to hit the road early Tuesday morning.

One Response to “Taking a Break…”

  1. Diane Wright says:

    I got a chance to see the Mancuso show yesterday. “I’m Not Crazy” is a very interesting collection. Lots to think about, indeed. I have lots of photos to savor…which is another benefit of seeing the exhibit in person.