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Rain and Stuff

The rain is back, but it has been a weird day — warm and muggy with the rain. We even had thunder and lightening. A tree on the street below the back of our house came down across the street and caused a bit of excitement tonight.

I braved the elements and went out to get some errands done. I took my desk top computer, a Mac Mini, in for an upgrade of ram and memory. They called tonight and it is ready to pick up tomorrow. I will be so happy to have it all zippy again.

Then, I went to get my flu shot at the Kaiser clinic near me. Then across the street to the Kaiser Vision facility. I was going to get some new red glasses to replace the ones I lost last September, but they informed me that I have to have an eye exam since I had the cataract surgery a year ago. So I will have to wait until November.

I did a little retail therapy at the mall and picked up some skinny black jeans, some new jammies and a cool chartreuse sweater, on sale.

Tonight, I worked on Paige’s sweater. It is almost assembled. I just have to stitch the sleeves and add the buttons. Can’t wait to see her in it in a few days.

Exciting news! I got the proofs for my two articles for Art Quilting Studio magazine. I am blown away with how cool my quilts. look. They have one of my aspen quilts in a full page looking as if it is hanging in an aspen grove. I love it.  I have to read the article carefully – in my first check, I found a couple of spelling errors.


2 Responses to “Rain and Stuff”

  1. Francoise says:

    Exciting news, yes! I hope I can find the magazine here.
    Lots of rain for us too. Perfect weather to stay inside and work.

  2. Jeannie says:

    Love the color palette for this month’s 3×3’s. It was odd weatherwise here today as well. I had to switch to a tee shirt and cotton socks. I am sure all will be back to wool soon. 😉 I just pre-ordered my copy of Art Quilt Studio and saw that you and Connie Rose both have articles! Woo Hoo!