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Foiled Again!

One of the nice things about doing a give away and asking for comments, is reading all the lovely things you all have to say. It has made for a pleasant couple of days! I had a rough night as the ADT alarm went off at 2 am. Sometimes the cell phone that it operates on gets a bad signal. We are awakened by the horrible sound that it makes – enough to give one a heart attack or at least a panic attack. We have to check to make sure that it was a false alarm and then either call ADT or wait for them to call us so that the police don’t show up. Needless to say, I couldn’t get back to sleep.

I am up against the big deadline to get the organ quilt finished. I have been cogitating on how best to portray the polished gold colored bottoms of the pipes where the sound is emitted. I have wanted to use some gold fabric with some foiling to act as a focal point for this piece. I have done a lot of foiling over the years, after taking a class from Jane Dunnewold. I have  had this huge container of foiling glue that is on its last legs. It is not working well for doing large areas.

I decided to use a gold organza for the effect that I want. I spread some glue, let it dry and attempted to foil.

It is not covering like it should and the glue is showing. I remembered that Jane says she now uses gel medium for foiling. So I am going to experiment with that tomorrow. If any one out there knows how to do this with gel medium, let me know.

I am obsessed with knitting the stocking for Paige. I was able to get her name done today. Tomorrow, I will start the blue snowflake motif.

Tomorrow night, I will do the random  drawing for the winner of the magazine.

2 Responses to “Foiled Again!”

  1. Like Jane, I also use WU for foil. If you want a more irregular or aged look, you can scratch up the WU with your fingernail before you add the foil layer.

  2. Jane Davila says:

    I use foil exclusively with Fusibles now because I don’t love how lumpy the glues and mediums look. Cut a piece of fusible the shape you want, iron it to your project, peel off the release paper and cover it with foil. Put parchment paper over the foil and iron again. Wait until it’s completely cool before peeling away foil sheet. The cooling step is most important! You can also use fusible powder and fusible thread. For the regular fusible in shapes I use plain old wonder under because as lovely as misty fuse is, it is too light and sheer to give good coverage for this. Obviously, you should test this on a scrap of your background fabric first to see if you like the result.