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Love My Helpful Friends and the Winner Is…!

I finally had success with my foiling today. Jane Davila suggested Wonder Under fusible; this was seconded by Deborah Boschert. An e-mail from Jane Dunnewold suggested gel medium. Jane Davila said Misty Fuse was too light and you don’t get good coverage.

Well, I didn’t have any Wonder Under so I tried Misty Fuse, and I am happy with the result. I just wanted to get some illumination in those sections. Since I have the gold organza as the background, I didn’t need complete coverage.

So, now I can get everything stitched down. I might just make it.

Tomorrow night, Mr C and I are going to a Bruce Springsteen concert, something we have always wanted to do. I am so looking forward to rocking out with The Boss!!

Now, to the winner of the magazine. A little back story is needed, here. It is going to an old friend and not a quilter. Forty-some years ago when I was a young wife and mother in Schenectady, NY, I had the good fortune to meet one of the most intelligent and wise women I have every known. Her name is Anita. We each had 3 kids, a boy and two girls, the same ages. We used to take each other’s kids on week-ends so that we could have time away with our spouses. She was an incredible cook and put on fabulous dinner parties. I always loved spending New Year’s eve with them.

We moved on to California because of Steve’s job, but kept in touch. She follows my blog and periodically comments. I am really happy that she will be able to read about my quilting. So, Anita, are you in Florida, yet, or still in New York? Let me know!!

One Response to “Love My Helpful Friends and the Winner Is…!”

  1. Anita Lay says:

    Hey, I’m tickled to death to win the journal and get to read about you. And what a sweet thing to say about me. You’re top-notch kiddo. And I am in FL now at 403 Tarpon Ave, #315, Fernandina Bch, FL 32034-2168. We just got back from Thanksgiving in Sch’dy. Great time, but when we left on Tuesday am, it was 25 degrees and sleeting. Reminded us why we moved to FL.

    Love and hugs to you and all your family.