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A Day Off

Wow, the holiday season has hit us with a bang. We have been on the go all week-end — two concerts and doing some holiday decor prep.

I got the organ piece to a point where I could photograph it. I told the committee that it was not completed – I still have some quilting to do. I couldn’t get to sleep on Friday, fretting over the hot mess that I seem to have created. I had an idea that some quilting with silver thread would integrate the silver foil. I feel that it is working. I also realized that because this was not fused, it needed more quilting. I think it is better. At any rate, I am putting it aside for a bit because it was taking over my life. If I could start over, I would. I learned so much doing this.

Anyway, I took the day off. I got dressed for church and stayed in my dressy clothes all day because we had a Bach Christmas concert at Trinity and Wassail after party. It felt good to just take it easy. I went to the local mixed media store, Collage, to see if the Art Quilting Studio magazine was in. It was there. I wanted to toot my horn a bit, but they were really  busy so I just pointed out to the young clerk that I had two articles. She seemed less that interested. Oh, well.

I need to clean up my studio again. My sister says I am always cleaning it up. Yes, this is true  because I create in a mess! I need to put the yellow orange fabrics away and pull out the yellow greens. I am having an Oregon SDA meeting here next week-end and I know the studio will need to be ready for visitors. I also have to start on the 12 X 20 for the sweet theme. I know what I am doing and have it all planned in my head. So that is on my agenda for the week.

One Response to “A Day Off”

  1. Judy says:

    I need to get ahold of the Art Quilting Studio edition! WooHoo to YOU!!! I’m extremely proud to know you……I’d say, slept with you, but some folks would get the wrong idea, wouldn’t they? LOL