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Blog Malaise


I can’t seem to get back in a productive blogging rhythm — probably because I am not doing anything very creative which is also a problem. I really need to get some work done for upcoming shows and I know that if I get started, I will get in a groove.

I love the table an chairs up there. They were on the sidewalk of a Mexican cafe on Valencia St. where we had dinner one night. They served small plates of delicious food.

Something else I love, this kind of California landscape with sculptural golden hills dotted with live Oaks.


I have been working on this very easy Vogue blouse pattern. I tried it on last night, unfinished, and I need to do some altering.


I did some work in my garden – weeding, pulling out overgrown lettuce and oops!, found these enormous squash that went into the compost.


I have also been diligently stitching the 3×3’s together with beads.


Today, I went on a road trip with my STASH group to McMinnville which is a charming town in the Willamette Valley wine country. Here is a shot of the window with a cool quilt from strips of modern fabric.


Terry and I did some bead shopping at a bead store.


We had a terrific lunch at a French restaurant. This is a selfie I took of Terry and I — ia m in the sun, she is in the shade – I am not really that pale.


Here are Suzy and Reva — you can see that we were having a great time.


I will leave you with this funny, very Portland chain link fence installation which is on the way to the Rhodie Garden.



4 Responses to “Blog Malaise”

  1. Thanks for the birthday wishes. It’s been a good time… Imagine when 8 yr. old granddaughter says, “You don’t look 80, Grandma.” Hope your journey toward it is as fulfilling as mine.

  2. reva says:

    I have to cross the street for a closer look at the Bills; I registered that something was going on on the fence. It’s sort of in the spirit of the portraits in Dick’s KItchen, isn’t it?

  3. Judy says:

    Love that pic of you and Terry!

    Hope you get your groove back soon!


  4. margaret says:

    Love the “Bills” – what a subversive bit of public art! (Coincidentally, one of my friends is from McMinville – we both ended up in England somehow…)