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Ta Da!


This thing has taken over my life and is all finished but the facings. It received a very favorable critque from EB. I was very frustrated with the quilting. I thought I might have the patience to do evenly spaced quilting lines, but it quickly became apparent that I am not OCD enough to do that. EB thinks it looks better with my wonky lines, anyway. So I am relieved and happy.  Let’s just say, there were a lot of threads to bury! It is 24 X 42 inches.

I thought I would turn this 180° to see how it looks, but I think the top one is better. Now I need a title.


Great news! Lisa and Clay made the drive from Oakland today with two angry cats and Wilfredo, their dog. They had to stop half way and get a second cat carrier. They are settled into a temporary rental while they look for their Portland home. It will be so great having them here. I am a happy Mom.

3 Responses to “Ta Da!”

  1. Maggi says:

    I definitely like the balance better on the first one. Glad to hear that you have your family back nearby.

  2. Connie Rose says:

    I love that quilt!! Very Lisa Call, but I like yours better. So glad Lisa and Clay have arrived safely. Have a great week. xoxo

  3. Fitzy says:

    I like the top one too. I think the two with vertical lines give me a point of reference…crazy, right? Glad your chickens are roosting a little closer these days, mine are in AZ, SC and FL!