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Fabric Audition


I am in the process of auditioning fabrics for another Aspen landscape. One of the best parts of being a fiber artist is auditioning fabric for a piece. I get so excited when I make a discovery in my stash of art cloth such as this dye painted organza. I realized that if I cut it in strips, it would make perfect Aspens or Birches.


I went to High Fiber Diet tonight, my art quilt group. I met Terry at the Mexican restaurant next door for dinner. I had a fabulous Pozole soup. We talked about our Line Dancing show and possible venues and our next show which will be View from the Top. I hope we change the name to View from Above.

For a little levity, here is my silly Scooter hanging out in the studio with me. He is always on the move when he is not prone so the photo is sort of blurry. He is such a good boy, learning new commands every day. He loves to play fetch, and I think he sometimes wishes he had younger humans.


5 Responses to “Fabric Audition”

  1. Sheila says:

    I was doing my own discoveries in the studio today – with some recently painted fabric. I’m very excited to be working on something new – and in a different vein from the last group I worked on for my exhibit. And like you, I know I have plenty more discoveries waiting for me in my stash. Life is good for the fiber artist!

  2. terry grant says:

    Love the graceful shape of your aspen trees–very expressive. I was also thinking that “View from Above” would be similar but more versatile. I’d vote for that change!

  3. reva says:

    I think Sophie sometimes wishes the same thing!

  4. Andi says:

    That is the perfect fabric. I love auditioning pieces too, it’s the clean up of the also rans that gets me 😉

  5. Karoda says:

    You have a good eye…I think I would have missed seeing that in the fabric because I see in such large pieces…I’ll have to make note of this to see if I can challenge myself to see in smaller sections.