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A Great Summer Day


I had a fabulous day with my grandchildren and Mr C and still managed to work in the studio. This is a temporary layout for a fused background for the next aspen landscape. I fuse the fabric to parchment paper and then I lift the whole thing off and fuse it as one piece to the batting. This way, I can rearrange pieces. Once it is fused to the batting, I will add the backing and quilt it. The aspens get added after that.

This morning Mia and Miles arrived early. I have been promising to take Mia to the Escher exhibit at the Portland Art Museum. Miles did not want to go, but Mr C wanted to go and promised him a visit to the gift shop.Here is Mia with Abe Lincoln on our way into the museum


We really enjoyed the Escher exhibit. It was so neat to see his preliminary drawings and sketches. The Metamorphose which was a continuous changing and morphing design was awesome.

We also enjoyed the tattoo exhibit and watched a slide show of tattoo art on people from Portland. You can see them at this Flickr site. You will be warned about this site because it shows body parts!

Here is a shot of the Sculpture Garden as we were leaving. I am quite fond of these horses. There are 3 or 4 on the entrance to PDX airport.


We bought some goodies for M & M and some jewelry for me. I love glass rings because I am allergic to some metals so I picked up a couple. Here is Mia’s choice — The Pocket Guide to Girl Stuff. She read this instead of eating lunch!!


Miles scored a book of fake Geek Tattoos. I put one on his arm and forgot to get a photo.


Miles was adamant that he wanted sushi for lunch so we headed back to our neighborhood sushi restaurant, Tani’s.


Mr C and Miles were trying to decide what drinks to order.


Because Mia was reading, Miles ate both California rolls. She did eat her miso soup.

It was a great day and then I got to watch 3 hours of Project Runway. It doesn’t get much better than that.

4 Responses to “A Great Summer Day”

  1. Judy says:

    fun, fun, fun!
    K and I are huge Escher fans.
    I’ve missed PR this week……….drat!


  2. PaMdora says:

    Oh, it looks like such a perfect day!

  3. Karen Rips says:

    Looks like your husband is feeling better, Gerrie. Is he considered allergic to yellowjackets now, or highly sensitive?

  4. Kristin L says:

    Sounds fantastic! One of these days I’m going to run away to Oregon and hang out with you guys. 😉