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This and That


I am feeling so much better after a rejuvenating sleep last night. This morning, my iPhone alarm went off to remind me that I had a teeth cleaning appointment at 10 am. I got there to find out it was at 2 pm! So, I decided to visit a couple of art stores in my quest to find mica chips for my green flash. The two I visited in the morning did not have what I wanted. After my 2 pm appointment, I stopped at two more stores. The first was having a side walk sale so I picked up some pencils, erasers and small journals, but no mica chips. I did get the green screen printing ink and some Golden black mica flakes.

Off to Art Media. I bought some pearl mica chips which I am going to tint with one of the greens that I bought. I also bought some spring green pearlescent powder. Laura uses pallet knives to stain fabric with paint so I bought a couple of those.

Speaking of supplies – Got Glue? I do. This was leftover from the workshop so I bought it.


Can you tell that I am excited to get back to work in the studio?

I also bought some handmade paper as a possible background for one of the fusion pieces I did in the workshop. I had an aspen screen print on organza that I had used as the bottom layer.


I liked both sides of the fusion piece so I decided to slice it up and alternate the sides. Needs some work.


We had co-presidents of the guild last year and each of them made the board members lovely gifts. Karen, a weaver, gave us these bookmarks which she purchased in Sweden.


And Carla, a quilter, made each of us a quilted heart. I love the fabrics in this.


Tomorrow, Jayme arrives to participate in the celebration preparations. Can’t wait to have her here with us. I feel so blessed to have her as my son’s life partner and a member of our family.

I leave you with a photo of a pooped puppy. Mark and he went over to Reed college and found another puppy to play with.


5 Responses to “This and That”

  1. reva says:

    Karen didn’t weave the bookmarks; I asked her. She told me they were Swedish. Still, a very nice and thoughtful memento.

  2. Dale Anne says:

    Oh my – you’ll have enough glue for 10 life times…that’s huge! LOL
    Looking forward to seeing what you do with all this.

  3. Karoda says:

    is this mary manahan from back in the day?! (waving)

    Gerrie, I returned home this morning to catch me some more z’s…insominia is a sure sigh for me that the season is changing.

    have a groovy time with your kith and kin!

  4. Mary Manahan says:


    I don’t think you have enough glue.

    Those palette knives are great!!! I just learned how to scrape out thick paint for great wonderful textures…looks like you are having fun!

  5. terry grant says:

    Looks like a green theme goin’ on! Your bottle of glue cracks me up, especially after the pitiful amount of glue we had for our workshop. Looks like she wasn’t going to run out second time around!