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Bloom in the Muck

In Eastern religions, the lotus flower is an important symbol because it starts life down in the muck and dirty water. As it emerges from the muck, it becomes a beautiful flower. The dean of the cathedral reminded us of this on Sunday, reminding us that we are always some where between tragedy and ecstasy. He admonished us to not wait to bloom. If you have gift cards, spend them; if you have unused airline miles, use them. If you have been meaning to spend time with some one special, what are you waiting for, do it. I loved the sermon and the symbolism, and perhaps, it is my age, but it was meaningful to think about reaching for what makes me happy and not worrying about what might be. It fit with my word for the year, to follow my bliss.

Today was a busy day of doing SDA website stuff, handling some guild issues, taking Scooter to the vet and getting homework done for my theology class. I did manage to get some more fabric cut for the silk irrigation circles. Here is my workspace. I love the circle cutter.

Here is the piece so far. I am hoping for a pretty full day in the studio tomorrow.

Scooter has yeast infections in both of his ears. Apparently this is a common problem with dogs with floppy ears. The vet taught be how to clean them and he has drops to put in his ears for the next 10 days. He is such a good boy at the vets. Their resident 3 legged cat walked right up to him, sensing that he was a total woose; it was so cute.

I hope you are blooming in the muck!!

8 Responses to “Bloom in the Muck”

  1. beth nimmo says:

    Many years ago our old dog Toby (German Shorthair) got so many ear infections that the base vet sent a sample of it to the hospital lab. It was treated with medicine from the base pharmacy that was used for female yeast infections. Unfortunately he was quite hard of hearing by then–but he didn’t dig at his ears any more!

  2. Judy says:

    I have recently adopted the philosophy of using things that I had been saving for God only knows what! It is quite liberating! After all nobody else will enjoy them as much as I!
    Love the irrigation circles.
    Ah yes the ear issues!!! We use something called OtiFoam which C orders in bulk online. Barker gets it once a week in both ears, followed by a swipe around the inside with a tissue, and he has been free of infection for several years now. It’s just part of our life.

    Thanks for the text last night!


  3. Reva says:

    Sophie had a yeast infection in one ear when we found her; it was persistent, but I think we have it licked. Uh, I suppose I could have chosen a better word.

  4. Sue Andrus says:

    I feel I have been in the muck for a long time…. Guess it’s time to work on the blooms…. Beautiful things really do come out of muck and mud….

  5. dee says:

    Well..I’m in the muck. Blooming may take a little longer. These temps are getting me down but it’s supposed to warm up a lot by weeks end. I managed to sew something. Does that count?
    Your circles are looking great and I like that cutter.

  6. Beverly says:

    I can relate to the analogy of the muck- in my work, it feels like I spend a great deal of time there.

    If you ever want to do a tutorial on using that circle cutter, I’d love it. I have one, and for the life of me can’t figure out how to use it.

  7. Francoise says:

    I’m not really in the muck, but I’m not sure I’m going to bloom today… Tomorrow maybe!
    Have a good day.

  8. Kristin L says:

    I’m not ready to say I’m blooming in the muck, but I’m pretty sure my leaves are floating on top. 😉