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Some Stitching Peeks

I am doing very simple straight line quilting on this, using variegated thread in the colors of the quilt. I think it is looking good.

When I have time, I have been hand stitching the silk circles. Here are a couple of peeks.

It is interesting to see these together. They both use the same pattern, but very different styles. The shibori piece is crisp and graphic. The silk piece is soft and ethereal.

Tonight, Mr C and I went to see Avatar in 3D. It was a visual feast. So amazing to think how that movie was created. Really beautiful. More violent than I like, but the beauty was worth sitting through the violence.

5 Responses to “Some Stitching Peeks”

  1. Jan says:

    these are coming along very well, I love that variegated thread. I haven’t seen Avatar, the theater is an hour drive away in Astoria. My friend loved it even though she got motion sickness during the viewing and had to go puke, then came back and finished watching it. More than you needed to know, sorry.

  2. Kristin L says:

    Both your circle pieces are looking wonderful. I loved getting drawn into Avatar’s world. It was so well done technically that the simple story almost didn’t matter.

  3. Diana Parkes says:

    Gerrie, a great deal of the special affects in Avatar were produced in Weta Studios, here in New Zealand, and not too far from where I live.

  4. Jeannie says:

    Beautiful and so interesting. I keep looking at the peeks and how different emotions are evoked. The shibori says (to me) excitement, flying high over the fields and the silk circles seem calming and peaceful. Fun! Have a sunny, fun filled weekend.

  5. Judy says:

    lovely work Gerrie!
    I have to agree about Avatar. I have been amazed when several people have told me point blank that they do not want to see it. They are depriving themselves of such visual pleasure!