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Winter Night

The Twelve X Twelve theme selected by Francoise was Blue/White and a Bit of Black. I just had to dip into my indigo scraps and do up one of my indigo moon landscapes. I used lots of scraps which I fused together with raw and frayed edges showing. Here are some detail shots.

I used a piece of silk with shadowy indigo coloration for the snow. I cut strips of silk indigo shibori for the shadows of the fence posts.

This piece looked very different at one point. I had quilted it and thought it was done. It wasn’t.

This photo was taken before I screwed up the fence with some terrible quilting. It was an ok piece before then, but after the quilting it was a dog. I went at it with sharp implements and pulled off the fence.

I then added the printed indigo fabrics which were given to me by Kristin and made the fence look more like a fence. I couldn’t remove the shadows so I ended up making a wonky split rail fence that works much better.

If you haven’t done so yet, go over to Twelve X Twelve to see the other great pieces.

13 Responses to “Winter Night”

  1. pamdora says:

    Gerrie, this is beautiful. You all did a great job on this challenge, but my favorite art and poetry has big full moons in it. Inspired!

  2. Marken says:

    This is so lovely and peaceful. It’s one of my favorites of your pieces.

  3. Elaine says:

    Nice job, just the other night I look out my window and saw a similar scene.

  4. Connie Akers says:

    It’s lovely and really reminds me of the moon on snow, a favorite memory of a family trip to Co. some years ago.

  5. rayna says:

    I actually think both of these are wonderful – just different from one another. I don’t buy that your quilting made that original version into a dog. If that is the case, I should never quilt again because judging by that, every piece I make is a dog!

    Gerrie – your work is terrific.

  6. wlstarn says:

    Very lovely. I knew yours and Terry’s on the 12×12 blog before I read the names.

  7. Connie Rose says:

    It’s wonderful!

  8. Shelley says:

    This is beautiful!

  9. Vicki W says:

    It’s beautiful!

  10. dee says:

    It is so lovely and it does look just like it did outside my window last night With all the snow and the atmospheric blue foggy light. You’ve really captured the feeling. I put a link on my blog to the group.

  11. LoieJ says:

    Nice, Moody.

  12. Jen Anderson says:

    Once again, a truly lovely piece. You have perfectly captured the atmosphere of a moonlit scene at night. Jen

  13. Dale Anne says:

    I LOVE IT! This is exactly how it looked last night with the full moon!!
    FABULOUS Gerrie!!!