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Too Tired to Post

But, here I am. These are beautiful felted ornaments that I won in the guild silent auction, yesterday. I think they will go to M & M for their tree. Yesterday was a whirlwind with two meetings during the day -Columbia Fiberarts Guild and Oregon SAQA. We had a very productive SAQA meeting, talking about how we can keep our momentum going. We have grown from 60 members to over 100 – almost double – in the past year.

Last night, the Leonard Cohen concert was like a spiritual and religious experience for me. I love the man. What can I say. All of his musicians are incredible. His lyrics are poetry to me. The man gave me so much energy and desire to be all that I can be. This 76 year old man skipped, every time he went on or off the stage. It was magical.

Today, I awoke to a very sad posting on Facebook by my sister. She said: “God give me strength to get through this.” My brother-in-law is slipping away, and we continue to sit on the edge of our seats wondering when he will leave us.

I almost stayed home, but did join my STASH friends for lunch. They really cheered me up – such a wonderful group of friends.

From left, going around the table: Terry, me, Suzy, Gale, Reva, Linda (who used to be in the group) and Beth, who also had a birthday today.

I got some photos of some of the scrumptious desserts.

Creme Brulee.

Pear bread pudding. (so delish)

The bonus dessert was for Beth’s birthday – a Chocolate cream puff filled with chocolate goodness on a plate of caramel and whipped cream. We also had a peanut butter/chocolate concoction and something called Sin which had multi-layers of chocolate stuff.

I came home and crashed. Need a good night’s sleep. It is dark and gloomy with monsoon rains. We found a leak in the roof in the laundry room lavatory.  It looks like it is going to rain for a week. Ack! Calgon.take me away.

2 Responses to “Too Tired to Post”

  1. Connie Rose says:

    So sorry about your BIL, sweetie. But glad for all the goodness in your life.
    Have a good weekend — xox

  2. I am hoping for some peace for your Brother-in-law and your family.
    I can hardly believe that a week has gone by for us already. Everyone has been wonderfully helpful. Never had so many hugs from so many people. I’m thinking of you and sending thanks for your beautiful messages all through these past months.