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Day 17

Thursday, December 17th, 2015


I have had a busy couple of days. Yesterday was the PDX SAQA holiday lunch at Elizabeth Bamberger’s home. Always a fun time, sharing food and fellowship with members. Before I left, Kristin La Flamme stopped by to drop off something and asked if she good photograph her Migration Story piece in my condo hallway. It is a totally wonderful piece about her personal migration story as an Army Wife. It will be in the SAQA exhibit at the Textile Museum in DC.


During the show and tell yesterday, Mary Ann McCammon, showed us this quilt made by women in Kenya where she taught a workshop for women suffering from obstetric fistula. This is a cause that Marianne has taken up and she does lots of work for the Fistula Foundation and her own artwork often references the problem. This is a third world problem where this problem is not addressed as it is in most modern medical care. This quilt, which has lovely story embroidery, will be auctioned off. I really admire Mary Ann for her work with this organization.

After SAQA, I was off to the dentist to get a needed check up for my impending knee surgery. So, I have that out of the way. And then, I crashed.

Today, I met my STASH friends for lunch and some sloshing around in the rain visiting some shops in the Portland Alberta area.


I found my daughter, Lisa’s, latest fabric line at the Modern Domestic store:


At the knitting shop, nearby, I bought this angora yarn to make an infinity scarf. I love that chartreuse and gray combo.


Tonight, Lisa and Clay took us out to dinner and then to a Baroque music concert at Trinity. What a gorgeous concert with solo voices that sounded like angels. The orchestra played the old renaissance instruments. So tonight, I am feeling mellow and happy having had wonderful fellowship and food and music. Tomorrow, I have to get some work done.!!


Like Butter

Tuesday, April 2nd, 2013



Here is a snippet of the big quilt I am making. I started the quilting. I am doing simple diagonal lines of stitching. I am using Superior’s Kimono silk thread and it looks gorgeous – quilts like butter




I have six color and am doing a few rows of stitching and then change color. I like the effect. I usually use variegated thread which add another element/layer of design, but I think the solid colors are better on this quilt.

I am using a batik that I got on sale for the back. It is a rather in your face piece of fabric which is why I think it was on the sale table. Here it is, fused to the back.



Here is a detail:


I managed to get in a drawing tonight and some stitching on the 3 x 3’s. I grabbed a wilted tulip from my patio garden. I can see that I should have blended the yellow an orange better.





drawing 4-2-13


It was a nice day. I had lunch with my friend and sort of neighbor, Reva. We haven’t had face time in quite a while so we really yacked and caught up. We had lunch at a Paleo restaurant, Dick’s kitchen. I had a venison burger – no bun – and salad. It was very tasty.




Enjoying My Birthday Week

Friday, October 14th, 2011

I have just about finished the Alternate Universe piece. I finished the quilting and burying of thread ends. I had done some dorky hand stitching in the two planet rings which I removed. This morning, I added tiny glass beads embedded in matte medium. If you click on the photo you can see them. I did not have the time or the patience to handstitch these beads to get the effect I wanted. I think this works.

I had a great time with the STASH group, minus Suzy who is at PIQF show in Santa Clara. Beth made a delicious lunch. The roasted butternut squash soup was divine. The squash was grown in her garden.

Today, Steph and Mia took me out to lunch at Silk, a Vietnamese restaurant. It was so good. Then we went to the Contemporary Craft Museum to see the Nikki McClure exhibit. I was blown away by the cut paper work that she does.

When my purse was stolen last spring, it had a gift card for $100 for the CCM gift shop. It was given to me as a thank you for hosting Sandra Sider when she was here to do SAQA critiques. It was paid for in cash. The purchaser, my friend Laura, had the receipt which she sent me. I took it in today and they found it on the computer, and I was able to buy myself a birthday present. These beautiful earrings.

Hope you have a great week-end. We are looking for some sunshine and warmer temps. On Monday, you can click on the link in my sidebar and listen to me on Pat Sloan’s radio show — 1 pm Pacific time.

Too Tired to Post

Thursday, December 9th, 2010

But, here I am. These are beautiful felted ornaments that I won in the guild silent auction, yesterday. I think they will go to M & M for their tree. Yesterday was a whirlwind with two meetings during the day -Columbia Fiberarts Guild and Oregon SAQA. We had a very productive SAQA meeting, talking about how we can keep our momentum going. We have grown from 60 members to over 100 – almost double – in the past year.

Last night, the Leonard Cohen concert was like a spiritual and religious experience for me. I love the man. What can I say. All of his musicians are incredible. His lyrics are poetry to me. The man gave me so much energy and desire to be all that I can be. This 76 year old man skipped, every time he went on or off the stage. It was magical.

Today, I awoke to a very sad posting on Facebook by my sister. She said: “God give me strength to get through this.” My brother-in-law is slipping away, and we continue to sit on the edge of our seats wondering when he will leave us.

I almost stayed home, but did join my STASH friends for lunch. They really cheered me up – such a wonderful group of friends.

From left, going around the table: Terry, me, Suzy, Gale, Reva, Linda (who used to be in the group) and Beth, who also had a birthday today.

I got some photos of some of the scrumptious desserts.

Creme Brulee.

Pear bread pudding. (so delish)

The bonus dessert was for Beth’s birthday – a Chocolate cream puff filled with chocolate goodness on a plate of caramel and whipped cream. We also had a peanut butter/chocolate concoction and something called Sin which had multi-layers of chocolate stuff.

I came home and crashed. Need a good night’s sleep. It is dark and gloomy with monsoon rains. We found a leak in the roof in the laundry room lavatory.  It looks like it is going to rain for a week. Ack! Calgon.take me away.

Art Every Day 20 and a Birthday

Friday, November 20th, 2009



This is what the two choreographed collages looked like this morning after they were dried and ironed. The white paint almost disappeared and the black faded considerably. I worked on my pink piece for the Twelve X Twelve December challenge. I fine tuned the design that I will use. I think about the darn thing all the time, but this is good because I keep coming up with better ideas for the layout and embellishment. So I can’t really show you my art for the day.

We had a great time celebrating Milo’s birthday. We gave him a geocahce gps and several accessories. I think the family will have a good time going out hunting for the hidden caches.

Miles wanted to go to a sushi train restaurant. He likes to be able to see what he is going to eat. He ate 5 plates of California sushi and some chicken strips.

Here are some shots from the sushi restaurant.





View into the sushi kitchen. I think those are extra large rice cookers.


They tally up the prices by counting the plates and colors.


Then we were off to the gelato store.


The birthday boy lost a front tooth today. He looks so cute, but would he smile for the camera, no!!


Books are like magnets for my grandchildren.


The gelato store makes donuts which looked ever so yummy, but I will be having my whole wheat English muffin for breakfast.


Happy birthday, little man.