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Could It Really Be Friday?

This will be a multi-purpose post. I have a few things to catch up on.

First of all, I have posted new photos on the Virtual Iraq War Protest. Click on the Endless/end this war bumper sticker in my side bar. Hope all of you who have not taken photos yet are looking for something really interesting for us.

Here are photos of the finished fence for my son in San Francisco. We added these wonderful Stainless Steel post caps which makes it look quite elegant, don’t you think?



I had lots of queries about wanting to know more about Trisha Hassler’s work. There is a link to her website in my previous post. She is this skinny little thing who drives around Portland looking for rusty metal pieces. She says that if she can pick it up, drag it to her car and fit it in the trunk, it is hers. She has a studio where she does her sewing, but the metal work is done in a shop owned by some guy who does metal work. She has her own piece of equipment for cutting the metal into shapes and making holes. She had a slide of her in her work garb — heavy duty boots, big gloves, leather apron and one of those helmet face guards. She makes exquisite little pieced quilts in a variety of shapes which she then finds a way to attach to metal frames. The metal is finished with a polyurethane before the quilts are attached. She found a guy in a hardware store who has been helping her with fasteners for four years. He specially orders stuff for her, but the funny thing is, he has never asked her what she is doing with it. In her other life, she is a photo stylist for her husband who is a professional photographer. Her work is even better in person because it is so textural. She has started rusting fabric to use and said that the fact that pieces of metal become permanently attached to the fabric is very synergistic for her.


This is one of the images that Mr C and I saw at the Body Images 3 show at OMSI, here in Portland. I had always thought that I would not enjoy seeing these exhibits, but it was just fabulous. I especially loved seeing the intricate nerve and capillary/vein systems — really mind blowing. Most of the bodies did not have an ounce of fat on them, but they did have a sliced section of an obese person, which gave you pause. Must get rid of that adipose tissue!!

Here is a thread doodle that I did today. I didn’t quite get the roundness of the vase or the correct clustering of the lavender. This is a vase with lavender that Mark and Jayme gave me. I think I will try this one again.



Hope you all have a great week-end.

4 Responses to “Could It Really Be Friday?”

  1. MsLizF says:

    Love the caps on the fence posts……looks so rich. You do great sewing doodles…I really need to make a sandwich and start doing some doodles….can only help my machine quilting.

  2. Karoda says:

    great vase, great doodle, consider using neocolour crayons on the doodle.

    You make Tricia’s process sound really intriguing…it would be great too see a documentary about her.

  3. Deborah says:

    Thanks for all the additional details about Tricia Hassler. I am fascinated. I think the thread doodle is quite good. Slap some asymmetrical borders on it, maybe some surface design and it would be a sweet little quilt.

  4. Kristin L says:

    Gorgeous vase — definitely worth looking at again. I keep forgetting to take my bumper sticker with me when I go on post (which is rarely). I will get a photo to you some day though.