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Join the MoveOn.org Photo Project

Sunday, September 30th, 2007

MoveOn.org has launched a new project to show Congress and the media that the folks who oppose the war are a broad swath of Americans–and we’re going to keep speaking out until Congress brings our troops home.

It’s called ‘Americans for Exit’ and here’s how it works: You send MoveOn a picture of you which shows how you feel about the war. Then you can also record a voice comment, by phone, to go with your picture.

It’s really easy and it’s a powerful way to send our message to Congress. I already joined in–you should too.

Click here to get started

Finishing Touches

Tuesday, August 28th, 2007

I have to send in my inventory for the Japanese Garden show at the end of the week. So I am trying to get everything done. Here are the two little framed pieces that I did. After seeing the photos of last night’s lunar eclipse, I have named them Lunar Eclipse and Lunar Eclipse 2. I had a little problem with reflection in the glass. The actual work is about 4 and half inches square.


Here are closeups. Click for larger views.

lunareclipsecloseup.jpg lunareclipse2closeup.jpg

I also finished the winter bamboo fence. This has a facing and will have a silver bamboo hanging rod.


And a closeup:


I like the original bamboo fence better, but this was fun to work on.

I need to attach the bamboo rods to this and two other pieces. I also have several silk scarves that I am putting in the show.

VIRTUAL IRAQ WAR PROTEST: Time for an update on the virtual protest. I hope that those of you who received bumper stickers and have not sent me a jpeg of your sticker for the virtual protest will still do so. I just added a new photo. If you have not checked out the virtual protest which is on my Flickr page, just click on the End this/endless bumper sticker on my sidebar.

Wednesday This and That

Wednesday, July 18th, 2007


How cool is this? Cindy Sheehan autographed one of my bumper stickers for Ellen, who lives in NC. She sent me this photo. She told me that Cindy was there to speak and there were lots of protests and threats against Cindy. Her husband went to take photos and got this autograph. I had some photoshop fun with some photos and have received some new photos which are on the Virtual Iraq War Protest Flickr site. You can get there by clicking on the bumper sticker in my side bar.

I could really go on a rant right now. I am so glad that the Dem’s forced the debate last night. I feel that momentum is on the side of moving faster towards bringing our troops home. I am saving the rant for another day.

I had an art date with Mr C today. It was a rainy, summer day. A perfect day to head downtown and spend the afternoon at the Portland Art Museum. The current exhibit is Rembrandt and the Golden Age of Dutch Art. We have been her over a year and have been remiss in joining the museum, which we did today. When we lived in Santa Rosa, we belonged to the fine arts museums which is collective, including the De Young, Palace of Legion of Honor and the Asian Art Museum, and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. I am very happy to have a husband who enjoys the arts with me.

One of the paintings that struck my funny bone was of a group of Dutch young people, in full 1600’s fancy dress. They were having a party — quite a scene of debauchery. A puritanical couple was looking on in disdain. The listener’s guide said that people of that time would have had a fascination with how these folks led their lives. I was thinking that it was the People Magazine or Access Hollywood of it’s day!

We stopped at the Farmer’s Market on the way home which made dinner very wonderful. I bought baby beets and roasted them and served them on the sauteed beet greens with a little red wine vinegar. Mr C does not like beets so they were all mine. I only lost a pound this past week for a total of 6 1/2 pounds. I think it is more than that, but it was cold and I wore heavier pants. (Excuses, excuses!)

Last night I attended a High Fiber Diet planning session for the Japanese Garden show. Some of us brought our work to show. It is interesting to see the variety of ways people are interpreting wabi sabi. apparently, the garden has a consultant who has written a book on wabi sabi, and she is a bit concerned about our using this as a theme. Our show coordinator is meeting with her next week.

I think my Bamboo fence piece was very well received so I am thinking of doing another. Look what I found — this photo of a bamboo fence taken by my son at the garden last year.


I played around with this in photoshop and am going to make a thermofax screen and print it on fabric, too. Lately, I have more ideas for work that I can keep up with. This is a good thing.

Tomorrow morning, Miss Mia is coming over to play with me while Miles is at school and Steph meets some friends for coffee. I am looking forward to some solo time with her.

Less is More

Tuesday, June 19th, 2007

Where have I been? Well, I have not been making art. I’ve been thinking about it though! I’ve been doing the “it’s almost summer, spring cleaning” of my basement compound. I am trying to reorganize some of my surface design goodies so that they are accessible, but not out of sight, out of mind. I rearranged and purged the grand-kids toy storage in anticipation of spending some time with them this summer.

Oh, and my big Bertha Mac crashed!! I have had the G4 Performa for 10 years or more. It has been giving me fits for awhile, but I can usually run disk utility and repair it. On Saturday, it could not find the disk to repair it. So, I thought I would be frugal and get a new hard drive. Mr C went to the store with me so that he could lug big Bertha. While I was dickering with the service department about the price for a new hard drive and the cost to retrieve my data, Mr C came over with some information about the Mac Mini. It would cost about twice as much as getting Big Bertha repaired and would give me much more memory and a more powerful processor. I am so glad he came with me because I came home with cutest little computer in the world. I put a Sharpie on top of it so that you can see how small it is. It takes up hardly any space at all and it is a little power house.


I brought it home on Sunday, but I couldn’t connect to the Internet. So I took it back on Monday. Today, I picked up a new Mac Mini and am now connected.

Tonight Terry and I went to our High Fiber Diet Meeting. We are making plans for the annual show and sale at the Japanese Garden. It will be in September. So I must get some wabi-sabi pieces done — that is our theme. For those who don’t know, wabi-sabi is the Japanese philosophy that embraces a beauty of things imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete. It is a beauty of things modest and humble. So I guess I will make a quilt that is half-done, with imperfect stitches and will disintegrate after someone buys it!!

Could It Really Be Friday?

Friday, June 15th, 2007

This will be a multi-purpose post. I have a few things to catch up on.

First of all, I have posted new photos on the Virtual Iraq War Protest. Click on the Endless/end this war bumper sticker in my side bar. Hope all of you who have not taken photos yet are looking for something really interesting for us.

Here are photos of the finished fence for my son in San Francisco. We added these wonderful Stainless Steel post caps which makes it look quite elegant, don’t you think?



I had lots of queries about wanting to know more about Trisha Hassler’s work. There is a link to her website in my previous post. She is this skinny little thing who drives around Portland looking for rusty metal pieces. She says that if she can pick it up, drag it to her car and fit it in the trunk, it is hers. She has a studio where she does her sewing, but the metal work is done in a shop owned by some guy who does metal work. She has her own piece of equipment for cutting the metal into shapes and making holes. She had a slide of her in her work garb — heavy duty boots, big gloves, leather apron and one of those helmet face guards. She makes exquisite little pieced quilts in a variety of shapes which she then finds a way to attach to metal frames. The metal is finished with a polyurethane before the quilts are attached. She found a guy in a hardware store who has been helping her with fasteners for four years. He specially orders stuff for her, but the funny thing is, he has never asked her what she is doing with it. In her other life, she is a photo stylist for her husband who is a professional photographer. Her work is even better in person because it is so textural. She has started rusting fabric to use and said that the fact that pieces of metal become permanently attached to the fabric is very synergistic for her.


This is one of the images that Mr C and I saw at the Body Images 3 show at OMSI, here in Portland. I had always thought that I would not enjoy seeing these exhibits, but it was just fabulous. I especially loved seeing the intricate nerve and capillary/vein systems — really mind blowing. Most of the bodies did not have an ounce of fat on them, but they did have a sliced section of an obese person, which gave you pause. Must get rid of that adipose tissue!!

Here is a thread doodle that I did today. I didn’t quite get the roundness of the vase or the correct clustering of the lavender. This is a vase with lavender that Mark and Jayme gave me. I think I will try this one again.



Hope you all have a great week-end.