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Happy Days

Today is Mr C’s birthday. We celebrated yesterday with the Portland contingent of the Congdon Clan. We had a great time at the Mythbuster’s tour and then out to dinner at Jake’s, a Portland seafood restaurant that is an institution.

Today, was church and the Forty-niner’s football game. They lost, but it was a great game and brought back memories of all the years that we have watched the Niners. Mark braved bad weather to get back from Tahoe today just so he could see the game. My mom was such a football fan. She loved the NY Giants. She and Mark used to have some rousing smack talk on the phone when the two teams were playing each other.

I did venture out in the rain today to look for the latest issue of Quilting Arts which has an article about the Twelve x Twelve group. I keep getting e-mails from people who tell me they have loved reading it. But, alas, I could not find it in any of the stores that I went to. I will try Barnes and Noble when I am out that way later this week.

Up above is yesterday’s 3 X 3. While I was out, I bought a new darning foot or free motion foot for my machine. I think it worked better than the one that came with it, but I am still having problems on these small pieces. The green and the red in the two pieces I did for yesterday and today, come from the same piece of hand-dyed fabric. Here is today’s 3 x 3:

Here is the last of the nice presents that I have received. This is a bluebird by the very talented Teri Stegmiller, another Twelve. I was so excited when this showed up in my mailbox.

Tomorrow, is a busy day. I have a teeth cleaning and then a lunch meeting with the steering committee for the Trinity Artists Among Us. We have lots of territory to cover. Time is flying by too fast!!

I hope you have had a great week-end.

2 Responses to “Happy Days”

  1. Judy says:

    lovely red pieces

    I like Teri’s piece too!

    glad Steve had a nice b’day.


  2. Jeannie says:

    Happy Birthday, Mr. C!!! It sounds like you had a nice weekend. Jake’s chowder sounds so good right now. The 3x3s are great. I especially like the spiral. My QA finally arrived on Saturday and I really enjoyed the article about the Twelves. Teri’s artwork always makes me smile and wish I could own every piece she creates. Her flora and fauna always have such personality as witnessed in your bluebird. Wishing you a fun and creative week. (I am hoping for a thaw so I can get out of the house. Cabin fever didn’t hit until today. I’d even settle for a trip to the grocery store, just to get out and about! LOL!) xo