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Full Disclosure

Thursday, April 25th, 2013



Number one – I am on serious overload of picky, time consuming left brain stuff that I need to do to keep afloat.

Number two – I need some balance in my life. I need to take some creative breaks to keep myself sane.

Number three disclosure is that shrink-a-dink textile I have been working on.

This is a closeup of what it looked like when I last took it out of the dryer.



Eeeuuw! I was about to throw it in the trash, and then my creative wanna be, Karen, commented that she had had this very problem and almost got carpal tunnel from picking out the fuzz. What? She removed the fuzz? So, with renewed enthusiasm, I went after it last night. I decided there must be an easier way. I grabbed my needle felting brush pad and used it. This is what it looks like, now, – the brush that is.



And this is a detail shot of the stitched piece – much better.



I still wish it had shrunk a bit more. I may throw it in hot water and the dryer again to see what happens.

I discharged another piece of silk for another attempt at this.



I have been neglecting the stitching together of my 3x3s so for the last two nights, I have done some stitching. These have been stitched together so far.


So, there you go. A look into my crazy life.


Some Studio Fun

Friday, April 19th, 2013



I used a torn newspaper as a resist today to do some discharging on this piece of black silk. This is before I washed out the discharge paste and this is after.



I was hoping to get some undulating organic shapes. My plan with this is to layer it over black wool prefelt, do some stitching and then throw it in the wash to shrink it. My Twelve buddy, Karen Rips, does a lot of this kind of work and I have been enamored with it. I have  not taken a class or seen a tutorial – I am just experimenting on this. Hopefully, I will have time to do some stitching tomorrow.

Today, I took some time to go get my hair cut. I went to a new place and got it really chopped off. Not sure if I like it or not, but the great thing about hair is that it grows back fairly fast. I also got the nice news that one of my Aspen quilts was juried into Sacred Threads.

I am so proud of my granddaughter, Mia. She and her friend, Devin  created this book of illustrated quotes from the videos at itgetsbetter.org. They are for sale at sunnysideitgetsbetter.bigcartel.com. All proceeds benefit itgetsbetter.org!







On another note, it is nest watch time. I love watching the Great Blue Heron nest at Sapsucker Woods on the Cornell Campus. Here is a screen shot I took a couple of days ago. Today, there are 3 eggs.



I didn’t sleep well last night. I happened to discover the craziness going on in the Boston area and watched too much of it and never really fell soundly asleep. I am so happy that tonight, the other perpetrator was captured alive. I hope that we can get some answers as to why they did this horrific act.

Tomorrow, I am meeting one of my blog readers for lunch. She is from Seattle and is down for orientation at Oregon College of Arts & Crafts where she is going to start studies.  Tomorrow night, Mr C and I will be off to the symphony. Next week is looking great, sun wise. Maybe I will get my garden planted.

Feeling Lazy

Friday, March 22nd, 2013




I don’t know if it is the return of the cold weather or what, but I have not felt like doing much today! I did accomplish a few things, anyway.

Remember this quilt that I had so much angst over. It has gotten lots of positive feedback. I took it outside today to get a better photo of it. I am happy that it will probably be purchased by Trinity for permanent installation there. It has been approved by the arts committee – they are paying for it. Just needs to be approved by the higher powers in the church. Here is the original photo.



I also finished the SDA members’ show piece and got that uploaded and did the entry on Cafe. Good to have that behind me.

I tested some de Colourant discharge on some black silk I have. Interestingly, one piece that I had in my stash did not discharge at all, but the piece I dyed a few weeks ago did. Here are the results. I used the gold and the plain. The gold is the little circles. I think I can have some fun with this.



I had a bit of SDA work that took up my morning. Here is today’s drawing. Scooter was sitting in front of me, looking out the window. He didn’t stay there for long so I had to finish it from memory!



I have to sign off – we are watching Skyfall!!

Super Saturday

Saturday, September 29th, 2012

Late this morning Mr C and I headed down to Newburg and had lunch at our favorite Oregon fast food restaurant, Burgerville. Then, he dropped me off at the Chehalem Arts Center for Regina Benson’s exhibit and lecture. He headed off for the Erath Vineyards to pick up our wine club edition for the fall.

Regina’s work is really breathtaking in its size and the detail she puts in to each piece.

I love the pieces that are hung on molded aluminum bars.

Her lecture was a slide show of photos showing how she does the discharge  and rusting on such large pieces. It was really educational. She was very generous with her information and gave each of us two swatches of fabric that had been discharged and rusted.

Here she is explaining to us how whe creates these tubes wrapped with shibori discharged silk.

Two views of discharged pieces hanging from the ceiling.

Tonight, Mr C and I had dinner with some old and new friends who were all connected via the old GE days. It was lots of fun.

Terry had an extra copy of Quilting Arts and so I have gotten to see my Rituals quilt of Scooter and Mr C in the magazine. It looks really great!!

I even found some time in the studio this afternoon and got some quilting done on the maverick piece. And did today’s 3 x3.

There are 3 months left in the year and I have yellow-green, blue-purple and yellow orange left to do. I am thinking I will go to the cool side next.


Thursday, January 19th, 2012

I couldn’t quite get myself together for most of the day and so I didn’t accomplish much, except for doing laundry. Then, I got a spurt of energy this afternoon and headed to the studio to do some class homework and to make my daily 3 X 3.

I tried doing some discharge, but this is a commercial red fabric and it did not discharge very much.

I used a sequin waste stencil and plain DeColourant.


When I took the heat gun to it, it looked like I was going to get some nice white dots.

But after I washed it, the dots were very subtle.

I have a box of number stamps that I rarely use.

Since this is red #19, I added a 19 with the stamps.

Here is another Twelve gift to share. This one is by Deborah Boschart. She chose the theme chairs and made us each a mini-version of her chair piece. I love all of the little elements that Deborah adds to her work.

We are getting dangerous amounts of rain here in Western Oregon. There are floods in many areas of the Willamette Valley. When we took Scooter for a short walk in the pouring rain, I wore my new thigh high red rubber boots. One puddle I stepped into almost came up to the top of the boots. More rain is due over the next week.