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Got My Mojo Back

Wednesday, July 30th, 2008

Monday night, I had a deep and restful sleep. I now have energy, clarity and joy. I have just about finished my illumination piece for the 12 X 12 challenge. The reveal will be August 1. Here is a sneak peek.

I cut up some of the silk scraps from that piece and auditioned them for the SAQA auction piece. This does not look too tasteful, at all.

Yesterday, our cabinet maker started installing the storage units for the bathroom. They are rift sawn oak with no stain — au naturel. The boxes are installed, but now drawers or doors, yet. Today, Mr C  and I went to the coolest hardware store in Portland, Chown. We were totally in sync, and it took very little time to find the drawer pulls and door knobs for the cabinets. We also got the toilet tissue holder, a magnifying mirror for me, some robe hooks and hardware for the closet pocket drawer.

Wednesday is weigh-in day and Farmer’s market. I was relieved that I had no weight gain after a week of eating out. For dinner, we had albacore tuna, rainbow chard and green beans, all scored at the Farmer’s market. So fresh, healthy and tasty.

Is It Finished?

Friday, June 20th, 2008

Construction #2

I realized that my problem with this piece was that I had made a beautiful background showcasing some of my complex cloth. But, it lacked something. It just wasn’t finished. You can see the original versions in the preceding post. I was so afraid of putting something on top of the fabric and destroying it. Instead, I have found that I did not cover it up, I enhanced its beauty. I used orange construction fence as a template. I had also used construction fence as a resist when I discharged the fabric in the upper right so I thought the repetition of shapes would work as an element. I really wanted to do a torn paper screen print with black paint, but I was afraid of really messing it up. This seemed safer.

It needs to be blocked. I really stretched it as I did the rework on it. Other than that, is it finished?

I forgot to mention that I was back down a couple of pounds on Wednesday. I am not giving up my attempt to lose another 20 pounds before my 70th birthday. Speaking of age, the recent Sunset magazine had an article about some women who live here in the West who are over 100 years of age and going strong. One of them who lives here in Portland and is 101, still sews for a living, making children’s aprons and wine bags. She delivers to her clients, still driving her car. The article talks about how Westerners live longer than people in other parts of the country. The reasons:

  1. We catch more rays and in small doses, it is good for you.
  2. We are farmer groupies. We graze on fruits, veggies and nuts.
  3. We drink wine – (you betcha)
  4. We love to inhale – physical activity and deep breathing regenerate neurons in our brains.
  5. We enjoy spas – taking in treatments that de-stress.
  6. We take stairs. We climb mountains. One of the centenarians said that she deliberately got an apartment on the second floor so that she would use the stairs.

The bathroom renovation is moving right along. The drywall mud is drying over the week-end. He will be back on Monday for the last coat. Painting and tile work commences next week. Mr C picked up the tile today. We went out to the granite showroom and selected a lovely piece of granite for the counter top of a piece that will be built for my closet. It will be in the entry to the bathroom and the walk-in closet. I also picked up some paint chips. They are all so yummy with the tile mosaic, I am not sure which to choose. Steph and Jack will come over tomorrow and help me.

Demolition Derby

Wednesday, June 4th, 2008

I just checked in with Steph. Chester had his leg amputated today, but he can’t come home until tomorrow. She took M & M to visit, but he was quite out of it from pain meds. Did you know that they use patches for kitties, too. Mia is struggling with this, but Steph thinks she will be fine once he his home, and she can see that he is still going to be Chester. Thanks for all your good wishes.

This morning Hans and his demo crew arrived to deconstruct our bathroom and closets. Here is the before:

The shower is an enclosure to the right of the tub. It was a bit noisy, but they were very meticulous about sealing off our bedroom area.

Here are the sinks and the tub waiting for a new home, perhaps with Habitat for Humanity:

And the pink tile is in the dumpster:

So, I keep waiting for the day that my life gets back to normal, whatever that is. But, not so far. Yesterday was spent moving out of the bathroom to the guest bathroom. Today, I was just in a state of suspended animation as I dealt with the reality of having men in and out of the most private area of my home!!

I did make it to Weight Watchers. I forgot to report that I only gained between 2 and 3 pounds on the trip. I was back down more than a pound today so I trudge on towards my 70th birthday, hoping to lose at least 10 more.  I walked in the door from WW and found a package from Kristin containing lots of German chocolate — fortunately, I have found a way to incorporate chocolate into my diet!!

I think the best way to deal with the work crew is to hideout in my studio so. tomorrow, I am planning a clean up day. Then I can get to work messing it up again.

Thursday This and That

Thursday, May 1st, 2008

JOURNEY PROUD: In a week we leave for two weeks in Israel. I need new clothes. I have to get some quilt show entries done that are due while I am gone. I have lots of nit picky little things to take care of – call the credit card companies to let them know we will be in the middle east, find my passport and make a copy, get all the little things together that I want to take — power cord converter, camera batteries, prescriptions, etc. I plan to do an art journal of my trip and so here are my journal, pens and water colors.

I also bought some fabulous Eileen Fisher separates that I am crazy about – light, lineny fabric.

Weight Watchers: Of course, yesterday was Wednesday. My weight was up. I am going to stop dieting until I get back from my trip. Errr – I think I already stopped!

STUDIO WORK: I got 4 pieces ready to put in the Trinity Art Show next week-end — Artist’s Among Us.

I know it all looks familiar. I added some more silvery moonlight to the aspen piece – I removed some branches that I didn’t like. I also restretched the bamboo fence piece and neatened up the back. Look at this — I just have to add screw eyes and wire.

COLLAGE MANIA: Virginia Spiegel’s Collage Mania fund raiser begins on Monday. If you have not been to her site to see all of the gorgeous work that is for sale – do it now! On Monday, the collages are $80 and on Tuesday, if there are any left, they will be $40 — what a bargain, either day. My pieces are on page 20. All of the work is mounted on paper and ready for framing. As a breast cancer survivor, this fundraiser is near and dear to my heart, and I am thrilled to have participated since the first year. I am personally hoping to snag a collage by Liz Berg!

THE ORTHOPEDIC CROCS: I have had many requests for the link to these shoes. I really love them. I even took the dog for a walk in them this afternoon. I have to thank one of my blog readers, Linda, for the link. They are called Relief.

A Pretty Good Day

Wednesday, April 16th, 2008

Weigh-in: Stayed the same. I have had to curtail my walking because I have Plantar Fasciitis in my right heel. I have been so grumpy this week, and I think it is the lack of endorphins from my usual walking pace. Not only do I have to curtail the walking, I have to wear ugly shoes with support — no Crocs, slippers, sandals or bare feet. I have to do stretching exercises and ice my heel. It does seem to be getting better

Bathroom Tile Update: I spent some time at the tile store today, and picked out the tile for the linear mosaic. A couple of these are metallics. I think it is going to look really cool and watery — which is my plan. They are now creating a sample of the mosaic for me. Now, what about the floor?

New Camera: I received my new camera today. It is a Canon PowerShot S5IS, the same camera that Terry and Reva have. I have been so impressed with their photos so I indulged myself so that I have a better camera for our trip coming up next month. Here are some photos I took late this afternoon. You can see them all on this Flickr set. I love the detail of the water in the first photo. Wish I could duplicate that for the next 12 X 12 challenge.

Had to put a little political stuff in here!!! The tree below is a Japanese Maple that is just starting to leaf out. It is such a beautiful tree.

These are all clickable for a larger view.