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Oops! I’m Back

Monday, March 13th, 2017

Well, I haven’t been anywhere, but I have been busy, busy. We had a visit from our California peeps at the end of February. We had lots of fun family time together. Here is Paige at OMSI (Oregon Museum of Science and Industry).

I also got wrapped up in getting my resist piece done. First, I made the letters, using some snow dyed fabric in my stash.

Then I cut up a whole bunch of my pink and fuschia fabric to make one of my collaged backgrounds.

I used some of my own photos and found other copyright free photos on Flicker of the Women’s March in January. I printed these on Jacquard ExravOrganza sheets.

I collaged and fused them to the pink background. It is now ready to be trimmed and backed and quilted! I am quite happy with it. I am going to tweak the colors in the resist a bit with some paint or color pencil.

Here is a detail shot with a photo of Mr C and I.

As you know, I share studio space with my daughter. She is amassing quite a body of work.

The other thing I have done is finish samples for my wool stitching class at Trinity Cathedral.

The first class was last Wednesday. I have two young boys, 8 and 10, a teen-age girl, 3 guys, and several women. My assistant got sick so it was a bit daunting to work with everyone by myself. They had a bit of a problem getting the idea of making a freezer paper pattern for each part of their chosen object even though I demonstrated it with the piece I am making along with them!! It was fun and time flew by.




The Printed Fabric Bee – Old World Maps

Monday, January 5th, 2015




Old world maps was the theme for December – given to us by Lisa Chin. This was a real challenge for me. I started by Binging old world maps. I saw a theme of symbols that were used, but I felt it was a graphic that would be used by others. I wanted something different and I like to try different methods of image transfer. In my search, I came across this pirate treasure map.


My creative brain kicked in and I decided to do a Citrasolve transfer and then color in some details with Inktense color pencils. First, I found a great fabric in my stash of hand dyes that resembled the map. Then I photoshopped the map to black and white, printed it in reverse and then made copies on my old Canon copier with carbon based toner.


Here is a very bad photo of my supplies: Citrasolve, bowl and cotton balls.


It is very easy to do this transfer. You put the toner side down on the fabric and rub with cotton ball wet with Citrasolve.


I did not take many process photos – sorry – I just got involved in getting it done because we were going to be in CA for the last week of December. Once I was happy with the transfer and it was dry, I colored in details with Inktense color pencils. To set the color, I dampened a piece of muslin with water, placed it on the fabric and ironed it until it was dry.

Here is the 9″ by 16″ piece for Linda:


Here is the six inch piece for the giveaway. For a chance to win this collection of fabrics, leave a comment on our Printed Fabric Bee blog or on Lisa’s blog.


Will She or Won’t She?

Monday, October 28th, 2013


I am plugging away on this big piece while I am dealing with a nasty virus and men on my roof, making noise that hurts me to the core. This particular virus made its way through the Barnes family and then skipped over here to me. Fever, swollen glands, dizziness, sleepiness – ack! So, will I finish this in time to photograph it and enter it on line?

I got the background quilted over the week-end, in short spurts, a section at a time.









So far I have 3 layers – hand-dyed cotton, painted organza and thread. The next layer will be tulip tree leaves. I got the idea of making this quilt because when I walk around the neighborhood, I pick up leaves for their colors or shapes and bring them home and scan them. I love the shape of tulip tree leaves, they are kind of short and curvy, like myself!

I am trying to use up what I have in my studio and not go out and buy more stuff. I found this roll of Jacquard paper  backed habotai silk on a roll.


I played with my scanned leaves in photoshop and printed them on the silk. I  then fused them to cotton crinoline to give them some shape.


I have pinned them to the background and now I am deciding if I am ready to stitch them in place. I was orginally going to make thermofax screens and screen a layer of leaves and then add the silk leaves. Seemed like too much to me. Today, I almost bagged the silk leaves and was about to make screens and screen the leaves. I just don’t have time to deal with that and so I think I will stick with these. What do you think? You can click on any image to see it larger.


I need to crash. It has been a long day.

Making Progress

Monday, February 27th, 2012

I can’t believe that I am coming to the end of the blue month. Only two more days. I have to round up all my yellow fabric. I have a feeling that yellow is going to be very challenging.

After a morning with the laptop formatting and sending Constant Contact e-mails, I got to the studio this afternoon. I think I fixed the transition from spring to summer.

I printed all of the organza trees.

And fused and trimmed them.

Tomorrow, I will get every thing fused, do some screen printing and hopefully, I can start stitching on Thursday. Wednesday is a busy day with meetings, picking up M & M and having them stay over night. Steph is taking Jack on a little overnight to Timberline Lodge on Mt. Hood for his birthday, which isn’t until March, but we had to coordinate my schedule and theirs so that the kidlets could stay with us.

Speaking of kidlets, I got these adorable tiny knitted goodies from Cindi Goodwin, who lives in Florida. We both have little girl grandchildren due next month. These hats are so tiny, I think our baby girl won’t wear them for long. Her dad is 6′ 5″ and her Mom is close to 6″!

I couldn’t sleep last night — not sure why. I moved into the guest bedroom so as not to disturb Mr C. I am feeling very sleepy tonight so I am hoping for a nice winter’s nap.

I Love Trees

Sunday, February 26th, 2012

Was it the middle of the night or was it while I was walking with Scooter? I just new I had to have bigger and more elegant trees in my walking with Mr C and Scooter quilt. That is one of the beauties of my neighborhood — the trees which have a different beauty for every season. I played around in photoshop most of the afternoon, stylizing photos of trees to get the image I wanted. This is the winter tree.

Here is spring –

Summer –

And autumn –

They are printed on organza. After I add Mistyfuse to the back, I will trim around them. They are making me very happy.

Here is today’s 3 x3. It is a memory of how it looked at 4:30 when I took Scooter for a walk – blue skies and sunshine, after a morning of rain. Really beautiful.

It was stitched very quickly because I was busy with trees and the Oscars.

I enjoyed The Artist, which we saw last night, but I didn’t think it was Oscar worthy. I am a bit mystified by all the hype. I really thought George Clooney should get best actor. But what do I know!!