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Multi-Tasking Kind of Day

Saturday, February 25th, 2012

Here is yesterday’s 3 x 3 — a reverse applique circle and seed stitching. I was running out of time today, so I grabbed a piece of silk indigo shibori and did the zigzag free motion quilting.

Here is the fused background with winter at the top.

I think I need to work on the blending between spring and summer. My other dilemma was that the photos printed on organza were not showing up very well. I went to Mill Ends, to look for something to put behind them that would still have some transparency. I found some cotton organdy. Light bulb went on. I reprinted the photos on the cotton organdy and am much happier.

Above you see the differencce. The bottom print is on the cotton. The others on organza.

Here are the photos all printed on the cotton organdy. I still need to add misty fuse and trim them.

I also made a few more thermofax screens for the background.


And leaves:





For dinner tonight, I made a delicious white bean and turkey chili. It was so good. The last two times we have gone out to dinner, I have been so disappointed with my main course. I am a much better cook that some restaurant chefs, I have decided.

In a few minutes, we are going to our local, vintage movie theater to see The Artist.

I hope you are enjoying your week-end, too.

Oregon Old Growth Trees

Tuesday, September 27th, 2011

For the Oregon SAQA State of Diversity juried show, I am attempting to do a quilt about old growth trees. This is a photo that I took and printed on silk – it is about 13″ X 18 “.  I cut it into 4 pieces and mounted each piece on green fabric.

I also have these smaller closeups of trees that and printed them in triplicate.

This is the background fabric:

I am doing a balanced symmetrical layout with some tree trunks framing each side. I am using this fabric for the tree trunks.

It didn’t quite blend in with the other fabric and photos so I went at it with some black and green paint.

This really isn’t a very good photo of the end result.

I got the layout done and started quilting it tonight. The quilting is bringing the piece together. I am feeling better about it than I was this afternoon.

I need to get this finished and photograph it tomorrow so that I can overnight it to arrive on Friday. I am always working up to the last minute.

Secret Project Revealed

Tuesday, September 6th, 2011

At the end of June, my good fiber friend, Judy, who lives in Georgia, posted this photo of her mother and her grandson that was taken on father’s day, just a couple of weeks before her mom passed away. I just love this photo. Her mother was failing, but rallied on that day when Charlie came to visit. It just speaks volumes about our lives and moms, grandmom and great grandmoms. I knew I just had to create something for Judy with the photo as a remembrance of her mom.

Using Photoshop Elements, I created a line drawing/sketch of the photo.


I experimented with different colors of organza and background fabric and finally found the right combination. I fused the photo to the background chiffon and took it New York with me where I worked on the background stitching, a combination of French knots and seed stitch.

Here is a detail:

I decided that it needed a frame to set it off instead of having a hanging rod. I am very happy with the result.

I sent it off, priority mail, last Friday and Judy called me today, in tears, as she had received it.

I had a really nice long week-end. I managed to stitch the rod pockets for several  black felt panels for the Twelve by Twelve exhibit at IQF in Houston in November. Terry has been cutting the panels. When they are all finished, we will attach the quilts and send them off to Houston.

On Sunday, Mr C and I went to the lighting store to find new pendent lights for the kitchen. We have four, two over two separate counters. They have always been a problem. The lights keep needing to be changed and finally, this week, one of the globes broke and fell in shatters on the counter and floor. Here is one of the old ones.

Here is the new one. Makes more of a statement and provides better task lighting.

Northwest Winter — A Study in Gray

Tuesday, July 12th, 2011

Winter in the Northwest is gray. So, when Kirsty issued the Twelve X Twelve color challenge of gray — my mind went there. I had some photos that I had taken of my son and his wife at the Oregon Garden in winter.

I love the shape of the bare trees and the bleak landscape with the simple golden grasses. I turned the photos into sketches in Photoshop. The single tree became a themofax screen of a row of trees.

I first printed the larger photo on Jacquard’s Extravorganza, but the gray I got was not working. I was using a beautiful gray organza shibori for the background which I ended up painting a darker gray.

I used some of that with a full page self stick label to run it through the printer. I loved the color and the shibori lines added some interest to the photo. I printed the third photo as a smaller version to help balance the composition and to add some interest.

I did some simple running stiches with variegated perle cotton, and added some grasses in green and gold as a nod to the grasses in the original photos.

Here is a detail shot:

I learned a couple of things about this challenge. You can have fun with gray, and there are many shades of gray!!

The Storm Before the Calm

Wednesday, January 7th, 2009

Yesterday was a day I do not want to repeat any time soon. It was the drop dead day for registering for the SDA Conference and getting into the workshop lottery. My phone started ringing at 6 am. In between phone calls, I managed to get some work done on the final show pieces. I still have 3 sleeves to sew and a couple of dowels to attach. I worked on the journal pages which will be displayed with the quilts. Those are printed on ledger paper and ready to go. Mr C has all of the hanging slats done and attached. I learned of a great way to prepare these for gallery hanging on the QA list. I will show it in my next post.

Here is the final version of the Wall of Hopes and Fears and a detail.



I didn’t do the Pomegranate piece I planned, but I like this anyway. I printed several versions of my pom photos on silk and silk organza and collaged them on a hand-dye red. I bordered it with something I found in my stash that worked perfectly, by using the wrong side.


Here is a detail.


I am hanging the show tomorrow afternoon. I would like to collapse, but I have to deal with about 100 people who want to get into a certain workshop. Steph is coming over on Thursday morning to help me get a handle on it. I will get started tomorrow night. I am waiting for 39 faxed registrations to arrive from the SDA office in California. Most people have asked for e-mail confirmation. That means that we save on postage and paper, but I have to spend more time on the computer creating pdfs of conference materials and sending them out. I am taking a break on Thursday afternoon to get my hair colored and cut.