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Portland Wrap-up

Tuesday, April 5th, 2005

Whew! I came home Saturday evening and have had to hit the ground running. Sunday morning I was Eucharistic minister (something I love doing!). Sunday afternoon I had to finish up the guild newsletter to send to the printers and update the SDA website. The church needed 8 X 10 postcards done for an upcoming event so worked on those. All day Monday, I worked at the SDA office and processed 72 new members. SDA is having a major growth spurt. Today I had an 8:30 meeting with The Skeptical Priest and another board meeting for Numina, our Center for Spirituality & the Arts. Came home and crashed – couldn’t get anything done so went for a walk with Steve and Maggie. It was a beautiful day.

Anyway, since I haven’t done anything on the creative side, I thought I would show some pics from my Portland trip. Here are my lucious new shoes (they are suede) and the organdy napkins:

Here is Steph with Mia and Miles:

Here some pics of Mia:

Miles decided to be silly!

Here is the pensive Miles:

I enjoyed my few days with Steph, Jack, Mia and Miles soooo much. S & J are wonderful parents. It is such a pleasure to hang out with them. The kids virtually watch no TV or videos so they are extremely capable of entertaining themselves with art projects, make believe and reading books.

On my to do list: finish the Pointless Sisters Shared Blocks quilt (mine is called I’ve Got Your Number) and get cracking on the Eigth Deadly Sin. Mine is Indifference. My icon of indifference is W. While looking for images of him I found this. Click on this and have a good laugh!