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Archive for April 17th, 2005

I’m Outta Here!

Sunday, April 17th, 2005

I am leaving town. I can’t tell you where I am going, but after Sonji’s admonition it is best that not too many people know where I am. ( See comments here.) Diane is coming to visit. Perhaps she will let you know how I am doing at my safe house. I will come back with something lime green and turquoise with touches of orange and purple.

What’s Hanging at My House #2

Sunday, April 17th, 2005

Here is what I have in my front hall:

This is a serigraph of a painting done by Wilmington NC artist Claude Howell, called Waiting for the Shrimp Boats

This is a mixed media piece by Wilmington NC artist, Elizabeth Darrow called Yin Yang. It has matches placed on paper that she has painted, cut up rearranged, photocopied, etc.

And my very own Liz Berg untitled art quilt which I bought right off her design wall at Asilomar last year!! (Still love it)