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Warning: Here Comes an Occasional Political Rant

Monday, June 6th, 2005

Before America went to war with Afghanistan, another war was underway — against its own people: the war to deceive American into attacking Iraq. This is no longer a theory or conjecture; it is a documented fact. Find out more about the proof of the deception that our president orchestrated at this website afterdowningstreet.org. A coalition of groups and individuals has started this organization to begin the process of a full investigation of the president and the process that got us into the mess in Iraq.

At this site, you can send a message to your own legislators and sign a letter to the President asking for the truth.

Or to go directly to the site to sign a letter to the president, click here:
Congressman John Conyers

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter. Martin Luther King

DAY ONE OF TWENTY VIRTUOUS DAYS. I made it through my first day of virtue. I drank lots of water, took an extra walk, had no sugar and no adult beverages. I’m having to admit that I feel quite good and full of energy. I went to list mom Diane’s house tonight for a Spa night. Got to soak my feet and try out lots of lovely smelling body products. It was very enjoyable. I had sparkling water and strawberries while the others had sparkling wine and cookies. I am so virtuous – just call me St. Gerrie!