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Collage Postcards

Wednesday, June 15th, 2005

At our quilt show earlier this month, I bought some antique Japanese textile scraps. today I made 3 collaged postcards using these yummy scraps. Here they are. I used muslin on the back instead of card stock. It is more difficult to do the zigzagged edges. Think I will go back to paper.

Day Nine of Twenty Days of Virtue I’m reaching the half way point and feeling as if I am plateauing. So I must steel myself against the temptation to give it all up. I’ve been so busy this week, I have hardly had time to think about eating anyway and fitting in exercise is a challenge. I got in a half hour of aerobics this morning before I went to work in the SDA office. I didn’t stay to do weights because of my wrist which is feeling so much better. I may try sleeping without the brace tonight. Tomorrow is a big day at the guild. We are having Phil Beaver as our guest speaker and he is doing a two day workshop Friday and Saturday. So I have to get in there early to make sure we have enough chairs for all of our guests.