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The Ultimate Breast Reduction Surgery

Monday, June 13th, 2005

As my faithful readers know, I recently had my third breast cancer diagnosis and a mastectomy – my second – the obvious bonus is never having to get squooshed by a mammogram machine again! My sister Carole, who is 7 years younger than me, has had the exact same type of cancer and a mastectomy a few years ago. So she and her oncologist decided that her fate was probably going to be the same as mine – cancer in the other breast. Last week she had an elective mastectomy to prevent having to worry about cancer and not catching it in time. I hope she has a sense of humor (she is my sister, of course she does) because I made her this postcard.

My wrist is having a miraculous healing. I am working without the brace tonight – but very carefully!

Day 8 of Twenty Days of Virtue Last night I made a virtuous pizza – whole wheat dough crust, no mozzarella, just sauce, peppers, basil, chicken sausage, sundried tomatoes and some goat cheese. Of course, Stevie and I ate the whole thing – how virtuous is that? I had my first weigh-in and have lost 3 pounds – yippee!! Except for the wrist, I am feeling great.