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It is a Special Day

Thursday, June 30th, 2005

M and M arrived today with their Mom. We drove to the Sacramento airport to meet them. This was a new venture, but the flight on Southwest was so cheap we decided to try it. It was very nice. The airport is new and spacious and we got parking just across the street from baggage claim. The drive is not much longer than going to Oakland and getting stuck in traffic and shorter than going to SFO and also getting stuck in traffic!!

I don’t know if there is anything that can make this old lady’s heart soar like the sight of my grandchildren catching sight of me as they make their way to the exit and they run exuberantly with arms outstretched into mine. Pure unadulterated love!!

After getting the baggage and checking out the art in the terminal, we got in the car and headed for Old Sacramento, which is in downtown Sacramento where there are museums and it looks like it did back in the days of the gold rush. It was hot, I mean really hot! Our goal was to find a picnic spot, which we did, next to the discovery museum which had a little gift shop.

Here are Mia and Milo at our picnic:

Mia is really into Little House on the Prairie now. So she was wondering if there was anything “pioneer” in the gift shop. Was she ever happy when we found this Sunbonnet – something she has wanted for a long time!

And Miles selected a train engineer’s cap:

They fell asleep on the drive to our house and were ready for a dip in the pool. Unfortunately, Grandma missed that because I have a really bad allergy flare up with clogged sinuses and an earache. I took a little nap and then we went to the Cafe Citti for Pesto Pasta and a little Chianti for me. I told you – it is a special day!