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I’m Too Old to Pole Dance so I’m Pole Dyeing!

Thursday, June 23rd, 2005

Robbi Eklow has a new book out called Free Expression in which she explains and illustrates her pole dyeing method. Today, Diane invited us to her house to try this method.

Here are Diane, Janet and Pat preparing to dye.


Here is some fabric that has had dye poured over it.


Here are some of the dye drippings. I had a bunch of silk scraps given to me by the director of Surface Design – they were left overs from her work. I put these scraps in the drippings and got some of my most interesting pieces!


Now, here is where we went off on a tangent and didn’t follow directions. We just laid the fabrics out on the grass to dry and didn’t let them batch. This is what happens when a group of amateurs ignore the directions!!



And look at this – splatter dyed feet!!


Tomorrow, I will wash my fabric and see how bad it was not to do the batching. I think the colors will not be as intense. It was a fun time and so relaxing. Oh, and here is the best part, we got to meet Gemma who patiently observed the day’s activities.